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Music & Entertainment "Sleeveface": an introduction to Quebecois music

Have you ever heard of "sleeveface"? Roch is here to talk about some of Quebec's most important and famous musicians with this concept.

Roch Archambault , 02/02/2018 00:00

Movie Médecin de Campagne, a film by Thomas Lilti

Doctor-turned-director Thomas Lilti seems to be leading a one-man cinematic campaign highlighting the threats facing the French health system. Watch "Irreplaceable" (its title in English) today.

Judith Prescott , 24/01/2018 00:00

Movie Floride: a film by Philippe Le Guay

Philippe Le Guay’s Floride boasts a magnificent tour de force by veteran actor Jean Rochefort as a senile octogenerian whose daily existence is a confusing mix of fantasy and reality.

Judith Prescott , 22/01/2018 00:00

Illustrations Crossing borders: Mattias Adolfsson and his creations

Highly popular in France, acclaimed Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfsson was in Hong Kong in December 2017. Here's an excerpt from a very engaging interview.

TV5MONDE , 19/01/2018 00:00

Gastronomy The last King of Tuna, Mr. Yamaguchi

Luxeat chats with Mr. Yukitaka Yamaguchi, a leading figure at the world-famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, Japan.

Luxeat , 10/01/2018 00:00

Events Day of "Galette des Rois" - Kings' Cake

It's Ephiphany, and for the non-religious folks it's the day to eat Kings' Cake! Who is going to be the King or the Queen today?

TV5MONDE , 06/01/2018 00:00

Gastronomy Celebrate the holiday season with festive drinks!

Celebrate the holiday season with these festive, crowd-pleaser drinks at home! Did we also mention that they are super easy to make? ;)

TV5MONDE , 24/12/2017 00:00

Gastronomy Christmas Oat Granola

The holidays are approaching and it's super important to stay healthy over the winter. Enjoy a festive but healthy treat with Jill Colonna's Christmas Oat Granola!

Mad About Macarons , 21/12/2017 00:00

Illustrations An interview with Emilie Géant, French illustrator based in New Zealand

Emilie is a French illustrator currently based in New Zealand. See her fascinating work depicting the country's breathtaking landscape, culture, endemic bird species and many more!

Emilie Géant , 13/12/2017 00:00

Events The Festival of Lights in Lyon, France

See France's second largest city come to life in a dynamic show of lights, sound and arts from 7th to 10th of December during its annual mega event, La Fête des Lumières!

TV5MONDE , 07/12/2017 00:00
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