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The recipe of the month (winter): potimarron soup

By Kalpana Balan-Seitz.

, 20/02/2016 02:27

The 2 little stories of nougat

There is always a legend hiding behind the origin of a sweet. What made someone decide to mix these ingredients all together? Sometimes, discoveries are made after mistakes, by accident, or thanks ...

, 08/01/2016 04:00

A luxurious candy for Christmas

Christmas time is the best season for chestnuts! Served with turkey, roasted or even... glazed with sugar! Yummy!

, 18/12/2015 06:00

Did you say Truffle?

The truffle is the only luxury ingredient that has 2 very distinct representations...

, 15/12/2015 15:03

The sweet story of the barley sugar

Discover the origin of the French barley sugar: the Sucre d'Orge.

, 11/12/2015 07:00

CBS or salted butter caramel

Both chewy and yummy, the salted caramel candy is a famous French candy from Brittany...

, 04/12/2015 06:00

Pomme d’amour or candy apple

The Pomme d’amour literally means “love apple” and is called “apple candy” in English...

, 02/12/2015 05:00

Orangettes recipe

These candied orange peels dipped in chocolate will look perfect on a Christmas table! Sweet and delicate, everyone loves them! Here's the recipe...

, 21/11/2015 06:00

Microwaved floating islands

Follow the Chef Ricardo's recipe and prepare microwaved floating islands in only 10 minutes! You only need...

, 28/10/2015 12:00

Patisserie La Terre, C'est la vie de nature

See this velvety half-peach on this flaky puff base? You will never imagine what stands between those layers… Li Tian, our favorite blogger from Singaporean will tell you everything…

, 24/10/2015 06:00
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