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Christmas recipe: Turkey with chestnut stuffing

French people have been serving Turkey for Christmas for a very long time as a tradition. Here is a recipe for the famous and delicious turkey with chestnut stuffing! You should definitely give it ...

, 15/12/2014 09:00

Foie-gras with Ginger cake recipe

Try this Christmas recipe from Epicerie Fine and surprise your guests! Foie gras is a festive dish and very often served on Christmas dinner in France! For 4 people...

, 11/12/2014 09:00

French oysters for Christmas?

Why not try the recipe of the Sauce Mignonette to compliment the oysters? And learn more about oysters...

, 09/12/2014 09:00

★Two Christmas appetizer recipes

These two recipes are very easy to prepare and makes excellent Amuse-Bouche. Just follow the steps to create your Salmons blinis and Goat cheese toasts with honey.

, 03/12/2014 09:00

Epicure- c’est magnifique! in Paris

Wonderful Burlat cherries and pistachios dessert at Epicure in Paris today (3 Michelin stars). One can’t beat the old school indeed...

, 25/11/2014 10:35

Les Fils à Maman - Delightful Food But Unwelcoming Service

Les Fils a Maman is my first restaurant to go for the Dining City Restaurant Week, I have to say it was a bad start. Les Fils a Maman is a French restaurant located in Central runs by French people...

, 19/11/2014 16:08

This is how the best sushi in the world looks like... in Tokyo

What makes a good sushi restaurant great? Excellent fish and seafood? Chef’s experience, skills and obsession with consistency? Takashi Saito seems to correspond all these criteria, but it’s much m...

, 18/11/2014 12:20

And a man created a croissant… in Paris

This might be as well the best croissant I’ve ever had. The perfect croissant is a balance of crispy, crunchy, fluffy, satisfyingly chewy and very buttery. At Blé Sucré, they’ve achieved the balanc...

, 18/11/2014 11:12

Roasted Beef

A classic Recipe, friendly, family food and very easy to do! Here is HOW TO MAKE the roasted beef — it is essential to know the days before big dinner :) The rump meat is a good part for roas...

, 15/11/2014 08:20

PASCADE 75002 Resto Paris

The pascade is a big pancake. This is a dish of Aveyron. Originally, it eats right after Easter, specifically Low Sunday. Bourdas Alexander, the head of “Pascade” will enrich the history of this pa...

, 15/11/2014 07:53
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