Mayu is a Japanese chef, a host of Mayu’s Kitchen in Paris, a food analyst, and vegetable nutritionist. As a food nomad, born in Japan, then she moved to many countries, North America, Mexico, UK, France and Japan.

Mont Saint-Michel

My 3rd visit of Mont St. Michel since I live in France. So, finally, I decide to study the history, instead of thinking ” What’s for lunch/ for dinner?!”

, 23/06/2016 08:54

Super easy apple crumble by Mayu Kitchen

Super easy, no joking! It is very easy to make apple crumble, or any kinds of fruits crumble. Here is the recipe...

, 02/03/2016 04:00

The Flaugnarde with apricots

This dessert comes from the Limousin region. It is similar to the French clafoutis and only the type of fruits makes a difference. For the clafoutis, we use cherries. In the Flaugnarde, we use othe...

, 21/10/2015 05:00

Carette Place des Vosges - Paris

Our Japanese Blogger and Chef Mayu shares with us one of her favourite tea salon in the Place des Vosges: Carette.

, 31/08/2015 07:00

Fresh, simple and elegant: the Strawberry Soup

Our Japanese blogger Mayu, who is based in Paris, will introduce her recipe for the Strawberry soup. This soup is perfect for summer and is a good alternative if you are looking for a fruity desser...

, 04/08/2015 14:00

Easy! The Rustic Camembert Sauce!

If you are not afraid to open the box, let's discover together Mayu's recipe for the Rustic Camembert Sauce...

, 30/05/2015 06:00

It's the season of the white asparagus

Many stands in Parisian markets are now selling the healthy white asparagus! In France, the season will end in late June so let's learn how to cook them and get ready for summer!

, 12/05/2015 08:00

A wonderful cake with French marron cream

This recipe has been published by Mayu’s Kitchen in Paris on Valentines Day. Who said we should wait until next year Valentines? If we could we would bake this cake every day…

, 10/03/2015 12:14

A good way to eat your celery

Rémoulade is essentially a homemade mayonnaise and the sauce was originally created in France. The all-time classic way of serving celeriac is a “celeriac remoulade”, which means “mixing with 2 ing...

, 06/03/2015 10:00

The Cheese Tourteau from Poitou

Do you know this regional specialty: the famous “Cheese cake” from Poitou (different from the American one)? It’s a dessert that has always intrigued me and I wanted to try for a long time.

, 12/02/2015 08:42
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