Culture  Is Hong Kong the next French capital?
31/03/201614:49 TV5MONDE


The number of French people moving abroad is increasing by 2.5% per year.  A few years ago, London was considered as the in-vogue destination for many French people (more than 300,000 people in 2014*). After New York and Silicon Valley, Hong Kong seems to be next. 


The last publication of the Hong Kong Echo magazine (issued by the French Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong #80) carries out more precisely what brings the French community to Hong Kong. 

The attraction with Hong Kong may be due to their appetite for entrepreneurship. This is true for various industries and food to start with. New shops and restaurants keep appearing in the city center, as Hong Kong remains the freest economy in the world. Hong Kong is an international hub of world finance but not only, for the creativity here has changed a lot within the last few years - the city has now become an important place for arts and culture (Le French May starts soon). 

In comparison with American and Canadian communities that have dropped by 10% over the last four years, French community has shown a 5% growth! There are slightly more men than women and most of them are young professionals. Geographically, French people tend to have their home on Hong Kong Island. 


French food is getting more and more popular in Hong Kong thus is a lot exported whether it’s wine, ice cream, cheese, meat or fish. More than that, it’s the “Art of Living” that is exported with the increasing number of French people reproducing the exact real method à-la-francaise. 
More than that, Hong Kong is efficient and safe, and the combination of the energies from the contrasting environments of nature or urbanism, sea or mountain is what most French people fall in love with. After all, France also offers many distinctive landscapes, doesn't she?

Read more about it on the French Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong website in the Echo magazine #80
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