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© Guillaume Bottazzi

Discover the “Guillaume Bottazzi – Wonderland” Event in Hong Kong until June 5th 2016 at the Hong Kong Central Library, part of Le French May 2016. 

If you are in Hong Kong, we recommend you to go to the Hong Kong Central Library to take a look at the paintings by Guillaume Bottazzi, leading you to a fantasy world, a universe that will challenge your imagination and creativity. You can even take part in the workshop!


About the artist
G. Bottazzi has been an artist since he was 17 years old. At that time, he studied Italian Art (Fra Angelico). Over the years, his career has taken an international turn and his style was undeniably influenced by the different cities he lived in: Brussels, New York, Tokyo...  
His experience in Asia seems to have affected his career mostly. In 2004, G. Bottazzi moved to Japan, where he stayed in an Artists Residence. After significant encounters he has been selected by Mr Itsutsuji to exhibit in the major gallery in Japan: the Galerie ItsutsujiSince that time, the structure of the artist’s paintings has evolved to allow more space to spherical and elastic shapes. There, the rhythm is slow but yet very musical.
Today, his work is still represented in Japan. Beyond galleries and private exhibitions, G. Bottazzi shows a great interest in painting in public spaces (as developed hereunder).

© Guillaume Bottazzi

“Art should be a tool to one’s personal development”
Guillaume Bottazzi has decided deliberately not to add any title to his paintings in order to arise one’s personal imagination and creativity. This way, what is seen through the painting is unique and can only be guided by one’s personal experience…
There is such a stimulation of senses and emotions in the artist’s work that it is used by neuroscientists. Olivier Douville is a psychoanalyst and anthropologist and shares that:
“His art is receptive and unfamiliar with the formal divide between spectator and artwork since he has overcome that chasm…”


© Guillaume Bottazzi
© Guillaume Bottazzi

Public art
Guillaume Bottazzi is principally renown for his artworks carried out on specific monuments. Among his famous work are: the 216 square meters painting in the district La Défense in Paris, the monumental painting of 900 square meters at the Miyanomori Art Museum in Sapporo. Regarding the latter, funds are dedicated to “Hope 2011” and redistributed to the Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami Victims March 2011. This was the first time that the artist worked according to a special thematic: bringing optimism.
The artist mainly focuses on raising awareness of art, involving the public in the art piece and touching the human’s emotions. According to neuroscientists, G.Bottazzi’s work has some positive effects on the body and emotions: calming and encouraging the well–being

© Guillaume Bottazzi
Paris La Défense 

© Guillaume Bottazzi
Sapporo Miyanomori Art Museum

While performing on monuments, the public gets automatically involved in the time it takes and for the duration of the creation. While watching the artist painting, the public’s attention is caught straight away, which implies an exchange and discussion. 
The more artistic work people see, the more they get interested in art.
About Hong Kong exhibition
Beyond the exhibition, several workshops have also been organized, for kids and for adults. Participants are required to create an artwork in small teams. Again, the goal is to raise the interest of the participants in art. 


© Guillaume Bottazzi

23 paintings have been carefully selected to wake up your sensitivity, why would you wait any longer? 
The address: 
21 MAY – 5 JUNE 2016

Link to G.Bottazzi website


© Guillaume Bottazzi
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