Culture  10 Amazing Drone Photos of Vanuatu (Part II)
27/10/201800:00 Josh Shepard


In the precedent article, I have shared with you some of the impressive photos in Vanuatu so that you can discover the beauty of this country. 

Here are 5 more stunning photos taken in Malekula, Ambrym and Pentecoast. 



Waves crash on a volcanic black sand beach at Atchin, Malekula

The South Pacific isn’t all about white sandy beaches. In fact, there is also quite the opposite around. The half of Atchin on Malekula’s mainland is built along a stunning black sand beach backed by a tropical green forest. This is one of the most relaxing places in Malekula, you could spend a whole week there! Atchin’s beach is also one of the best places to spot Dugongs in Vanuatu. Let us know if you find any!



A secluded guesthouse on Uripiv Island, Malekula

See those bungalows? Yes, a place like this really does exist and it is incredible. These secluded bungalows are located on Uripiv Island, along the north coast of Malekula, just a stone throw distance from an amazing coral reef. Getting here is the challenge; you will need two flights; two boats and a half hour jungle walk but it’s all worth it once you arrive.


Volcano base camp, Ambrym

This small clearing in the trees is the base camp right next to
Ambrym’s volcanoes. You will stay here overnight when hiking Marum and Benbow volcanoes. The tree line ends at the ridge another 100 meters away and is replaced by lava flows from recent eruptions. Do you have the courage to sleep near these huge volcanoes?


Mount Benbow spills its acid clouds, Ambrym
This is the view you will get of Benbow volcano as you climb over the ridge from base camp. The hike to the edge of the crater is just over an hour away. From there you will be staring straight down at the center of the earth. Climbing Benbow can be tricky as the visibility heavily depends on how much gasses it decides to pump out on any given day.


Naghol Land Diving Tower, Pentecost

Naghol Land Diving is definitely one of the craziest traditions I have ever witnessed. Young men climb this 40 meter tall wooden tower with jungle vines tied to their legs, then jump. The craziest part is that they actually hit the ground! This is the origins of modern-day bungee jumping, but a whole lot more extreme. Naghol occurs only on Saturdays in April and June.

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