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21/12/201400:00 TV5MONDE

★Christmas table settings decorations

It doesn’t matter whether you are going to be 2 or 20 people eating on your table; the table settings for Christmas should always to be planned! Not to worry, you still have a few days left to get it ready. You just need to choose the right colors, best items, and why not start creating your own unique decorations that will leave your guests very impressed?


Our first tip is to match your table setting with the Christmas decoration you have chosen for your home (you can read our last article about home decoration). If you have a white decoration, then decorate your table using snowflakes for example. 


If you are running out of ideas, start with a red tablecloth, as it is Santa’s color. You can’t go wrong with placing white china to which you will add red or green napkins and also some other decoration accessories (a table centerpiece in Christmas tree shape for example…) Of course, add some candles that will reflect on the china and create a magic atmosphere.


Have a look to our pictures; we hope they will inspire you. ☃ Don’t forget to send us your pictures via the social networks!



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