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14/03/201400:00 TV5MONDE

March 14th is a day that is marked in several regions in Asia such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and also parts of China.
The significance of this day (March 14th) is that it is just a month after Valentine’s Day.
In countries such as Japan, Valentine’s Day is typically observed as girls or women who presents chocolates- either handmade or store-bought to men.
However, on White Day, the reverse of this happens. Men who received a home made chocolate, on Valentine’s Day to return the efforts by giving white chocolate or any other means of goods. It is also popular to give cookies, and jewelries, much like Valentine’s Day.
The tradition of White Day was first celebrated in Japan to answer feelings or emotions that were expressed a month earlier. Today, confectionery companies heavily market not only in Japan, but also these Asian countries that celebrate White Day. Men give both white, dark or eve mil chocolate to return or reply to emotions that were expressed.

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