Events  Qing Ming Festival
05/04/201400:00 TV5MONDE

Ching Ming, or “QingMing”, is a festival known as the Remembrance of Ancestors Day or the Grave Sweeping Day.
This date is indicated on the Chinese Lunar calendar by the two characters:
“Qing” – meaning pure / clean
“Ming” – meaning brightness.
Together, Qing Ming means “Clean and just”.
This date is indicated on traditional Japanese characters where their culture has a similar observance. Likewise, in the Korean calendar it is referred as “Hansik”.
Worshipping ancestors are very important in not only Chinese culture but also throughout many Asian countries. 
The rituals for Qing Ming not only includes weeding of the area, cleaning of the headstones, and replacing witted flowers but also lighting of incense and burning of imitation paper money for the deceased to use in their afterlife. The most popular of these used to be faux cash, but it appears the consumer demands of the earthly realm have crossed over into the hereafter, because people in Hong Kong nowadays also burn paper imitations of mobile phones, laptops, refrigerators, air-conditioners and even luxury cars.
Food offerings are also laid out in front of the headstones as an offering to the spirits of the deceased.
Firecrackers are also used in some areas as it is believed to scare off evil spirits and to alert to he deceased that they are there to pay their respects.
Cemeteries, in most days are studiously avoided by most people, but during the Qing Ming Festival, public transports companies applies extra services to hillside cemeteries.
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