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06/05/201400:00 TV5MONDE

Buddha’s Birthday is also traditionally known as Vesak or Visakah Puja.
The annual holiday of Vesak is observed by Buddhist mainly in South and Southeast Asia such as Nepal, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and India.

As Buddha's birthday is celebrated throughout various countries in Asia, here are some of the differences in ways which this day is practiced:

Sri Lanka: In Sri Lanka, it is known as the”Buddhist Festival of Light”. Colorful bamboo-framed lanterns would be hung around houses. Light displays on the streets, prayers and street performances will be held across the main streets.
Malaysia and Singapore: Vesak is celebrated before the dawn at temples throughout Malaysia. 
Prayers and chanting’s would be echoed around towns. It is believed that good karma will be obtained for those who release caged animals such as frogs, birds, and tortoises.
Thailand:  Thai Buddhist celebrates Vesak by gathering around temples to hear monks’ sermons, giving donations and saying prayers. Thai people believe that it would increase their chances of positive karma by doing good deeds. 
Japan: Buddha’s birthday is called "Hanamatsuri" or “Flower Festival’. People bring fresh flowers to temples in remembrance of Buddha’s birth. (In Japan, Buddha’s birthday is observed on April 8th every year.)
Korea: Week-long celebration takes place during this day which ends on the first full moon day of the lunar month Besakha, which usually falls in May. This full moon day is the most commonly observed date of Buddha’s birthday.
City streets and temples are decorated with lanterns. These lanterns stretches for miles through the heart of Seoul. This is followed by a religious ceremonies and street fairs near temples.
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