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A meal is not just about eating in France. French culinary culture is a combination of social habits, great products, history, tradition and climate. In fact, most of French people consider a gastronomic meal as a ritual, which helps them make precious memories and celebrate the important moments of life. Thanks to this great food culture, French gastronomy was listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2010 to extended its protection to the gastronomic meal of the French. To celebrate this significant recognition, in france, ‘French Cuisine Festival’ (Fête de la Gastronomie) is held annually since 2011 and this year it will take place from 26 until 28 September.

Before the creation of the Festival of Gastronomy led by the Ministry of Crafts, Trade and Tourism, there were already several events with similar concepts however this particular event is initiated by those governmental departments based on both desire of French people to preserve their unique heritage and public policies to promote culinary heritage in France which makes this event somewhat different from the others and even extraordinary. This year’s event they will put on a nationwide feast under the theme of "Love of gesture and knowhow" (L’amour des gestes et des savoir-faire) expresses all the characteristics of French cuisine and demonstrates the importance of the transmission of tradition. These three days of period there will be 3,000 events happening across the country and visitors will have a chance to discover the richness of French culinary heritage and to truly enjoy the wonders of French gastronomy. 

Highlights of this wonderful festival are programs that bring together food professionals and the general public from cooking demonstrations and recipe competitions to special lower-priced tasting menus in top restaurants. Chefs and restaurants will be creating menus for the public to taste. You can even exchange ideas on recipes and discover new ways to approach cooking through discussions with the chefs on the day. Mark on your diary the 4th weekend of September and come and join this friendly and generous event, reflecting the rich diversity of French gastronomy. Feast your tummies with great foods and enjoy those diverse culinary events. Bon appétit !



Here's our pick of some of the very best events of Fête de la Gastronomie!

★ The "Fantastic Picnic" in Burgundy (26, 27, 28 September)
This is a unique opportunity to discover the rich heritage of Burgundy (Bourgogne) that will be held along the canals and rivers of Burgundy. You can bring your own food but do not miss on chance to taste Burgundian food and wine!

★ Day of Feast at Domaine Les Crayères in Reims (26, 27, 28 September)
On this grand feast, 5 star chefs (P. Mille**, G. Boyer***, A. Passard***, P. Labbé**, V. Thierry***) will present special menus and also highlight of this event includes Farmers Market, cooking contest for children and many more)

Secrets of chefs, gastronomic tour and gourmet diners in Périgueux (26, 27, 28 September)
chefs will present the secrets of gastronomy through recipes of region and you will also have a chance to meet great regional artisans and producers.

★ "Toulouse à Table" in Toulouse (26, 27, 28 September)
One of the most popular events in Toulouse, carrying values ​​of the southwest. This event is all about celebration of taste, generosity and sharing.

★ "24 hours Kitchen" in Pays de La Loire (27, 28 September)
Degustation, demonstrations, farmers market, cooking classes for children, vegetable carving workshop and many more exciting events.

★ "All the restaurant" at the four corners of France (26, 27, 28 September)
Experience all culinary creations and inspirations of the chefs. The restaurateur made ​​a special menu "Tous au Restaurant" consists of a starter, main course and dessert at fixed prices. For a purchased menu, free meal will be provided for one’s companion!

★ and Cook & Com have chosen to illustrate the theme in 2014, "Love of gestures and knowhow" in Paris (26 September)
It’s time for crêpe, French specialty, especially Bretons’! Participate this interesting event and find out how these food specialists can create crêpes with their own love of gestures and knowhows.

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