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‘La braderie de Lille’, the name “braderie” coming from the Flemish and Spanish words for ‘bargain’, is the biggest flea-market in entire Europe and is one of the most anticipated events on the French calendar. Lille is situated in northern France and it is just an hour outside of Paris by TGV.

The city of Lille turns to the worldwide capital of flea markets each first weekend of September. This year it will take place during two days, between September 6th and 7th. This vibrant event is expected to attract approximately 
two to three million visitors from all over the world who will take over the streets of Lille, with music and countless activities from Saturday at 3pm to Sunday at 11pm. 

The event dates back to the 12th century when servants were allowed to sell off their masters’ unwanted goods such as antiques and clothings and keep the proceeds as part of the Assumption festival. Lille flea market has evolved many times as much on principle, the date on which it stood or its duration and nowadays, the flea market extends hundreds of kilometers of sidewalks.

This annual street market is not only known for the place to find hidden gems and get some great bargains but also the place where heavily influenced by colorful and unique Flemish culture. When you walk around the city you can easily see its characteristic architecture and witness of the rich commercial past of Lille.

One of the main highlights of this event is yearly contest to build the highest pile of empty mussel shells among a large number of restaurants and bars all over the city where serve the traditional regional dish of “moules frites” (mussels with French fries). Tables and chairs are even set up on the street to accommodate the crowds and more than 500 tones of mussels are eaten every year.

Save the date for the 'bargain-hunting weekend',
enjoy the festive atmosphere in Lille and immerse yourself in true French culture!

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