Events  Vietnam Independence Day
02/09/201400:00 TV5MONDE

On September 2 in 1945, President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence of the newly-proclaimed Democratic Republic of Vietnam from France and this date still remains as one of the most significant day to Vietnamese people as it is considered as both an establishment day of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and also the National Independence Day of Vietnam. However, Unfortunately after declaring, "All men are born equal: the Creator has given us inviolable rights, life, liberty, and happiness!", it took another 30 years of bitter struggle and war to finally win complete liberation and independence by getting rid of all  foreign invasions. 

Like in many other countries, on the Independence Day in Vietnam, Vietnamese has a day-break from work to commemorate the event’s historical significance and even some of them will make good use of their day off by taking a short journey to historical sites such as Ba Dinh Square where the declaration has been made by President Ho Chi Minh. Also, there are a wide range of activities can be found to celebrate this special occasion: fireworks are shot in the sky, marches are organized on streets, and many more.

Why don’t we celebrate this meaningful occasion with Vietnamese people who will color the whole country with jovial yellow stars in red backgrounds?


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