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Halloween originated in what is now Ireland out of the Pagan Celtic celebration of Samhain. On this day, it was believed that spirits rose from the dead and mingled with the living. The Celts left food at their doors to lure good spirits and wore masks to scare off the evil ones. The Romans who invaded England added a few of their own traditions to the celebration of Samhain such as celebrating the end of the harvest and honoring the dead.

Centuries later, the Roman Catholic church established November 1st as All Saint's Day (la 
Toussaint), in celebration of saints who do not have their own holy day. This was done in part to detract attention from the pagan celebration of Samhain, but it didn't work. The celebrations on the eve of All Saint's Day continued evolving, and during the Irish immigration of the 1840s, Halloween found its way to the United States, where it developed over time into the children's holiday that we know today.

Halloween is not a traditional French holiday, yet it becomes more popular every year in France. How and why this is so is a combination of cultural influence and corporate marketing. In 1980s’ Halloween was still not very well known in France but starting from 1990’s there were more and more people in France to get to know about this holiday and started celebrating it. Since at the end of 1990’s, French people tended to be more familiar with Halloween and quite a number of companies tried to expand Halloween in France for commercial reason by using Halloween-related images and ideas in publicity campaigns. This simultaneously increased French people's knowledge about Halloween.

Halloween in France is usually celebrated by costumed people of all ages going to costume parties and also by kids who go for ‘Trick-or-treating’. Many places such as shops, restaurants, offices, and homes are decorated with Halloween themes. However Halloween in France is still rather controversial, due to the perception of corporate and cultural influence, as well as the fact that it is not a typical French holiday and some people still don't understand why is being celebrated as Halloween is seen as an American celebration. In the meantime more and more people in France celebrate this occasion as it is making harmless fun for young and old alike.


France is positively abuzz with Halloween fever this week just like in many other countries in the world. Wherever you are, don’t miss out on a great occasion to have a fun from diverse Halloween activities such as pumpkin-carving, face painting, costume party, trick or treating and many more! Happy Halloween, everyone :)

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