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19/02/201500:00 TV5MONDE
Happy Têt, Happy Vietnamese New Year:
In Vietnam, the New Year festival is called the
Têt holiday and takes place between February 19th and 21st (2015).
The Têt is the shorter name for
Têt Nguyên Dán (meaning the celebration of the 1st day) and is the most important day of the Vietnamese calendar. It refers to the Lunar New Year and is celebrated by everyone through parades and traditional dances in the street, visits to the temples and to the graves, family gatherings.

On that traditional day, it is a habit to visit people and and wish other people Good luck, Happiness, Good health...
It is also the birthday of all the Vietnamese people: every one grows one year older on Têt day!
This year in 2015, people will celebrate the
year of the Goat, which has a cultural symbol in Vietnam. The goat used to be an animal very present in the Vietnamese’s lives, with the chicken, dogs, pigs and buffalo.

A few weeks before the actual celebration, people start preparing the Têt. Flowers are abounding on the market stalls, especially the one from the cherry tree, plum tree, kumquat tree, which are used to decorate the houses.

Also another thing to do before the Têt is to clean the house. Some people even paint the house in order to get rid of the bad karma from last year. 
Vietnamese people usually gather with their family on the first day. Kids receive a
red envelop with money from the older family members. People visit their family and the first person to enter the house on Têt day will announce good luck or bad luck.
On the second day, Vietnamese people visit their family plus their friends.

Some food are specially prepared on that day, such as the
Banh Chung (glutinous rice wrapped in a banana leave), Hat Dua (watermelon seeds), Khao Tom (cooked rice), Mut (comfit fruits) …Some of the food will be eaten, some of it will serve as an religious present to the ancestors. 

And here is the recipe for the Banh Chung: 

Ingredients needed:
500g glutinous rice
200g mung beans
150g pork with fat
3 Pandanus leaves if you have (mixed then filtered)
For the pork marinade:
1 tsp nuoc man
1 pinch of sugar
½ shallot
3 banana leaves cut in 6 squares of 30cm x 30cm

The day before:
_Rinse the rice several times and soak it for 12 hours at least
_Prepare the pork with nook man sugar, pepper and shallots, keep in the fridge overnight.
The D-Day:
_Place the mung beans in a pot with just enough water to cover. Bring to boil then reduce to a simmer and cook until mash is obtained (20 – 30 minutes). Mash into a paste, and season with 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp pepper, fried shallot and vegetable oil. You can add some onions or some coconut juice depending on the filling you want.
_Season the soaked sticky rice with 1 tsp salt
_Season the pork with ½ tsp salt, fish sauce, 4.5 tsp pepper and shallots.
_Prepare a cup of mashed mung beans and make it flat. Spread a few pieces of pork and shape the whole thing into a round or a square piece.
_Lay out two sheets of overlapping banana leaves. The first layer of banana leaf should be with the darker side facing the rice (the rice will be nicely tinted). The last layer of the banana leaf should have the darker side facing outside (for an esthetic purpose).
_Place a cup of rice in the center of the banana leaf. Then place the filling (beans and pork) on top of the rice. Cover with another cup of rice. Fold the leaves and wrap it up tightly like a present.
_Keep in mind that the cake is going to be immerse in boiling water, so it could be useful to wrap it one more time.
_Bring a large pot of water to boil, and immerse the cakes in. Place a heavy object on top to make sure they stay submerged. Cook for a few hours (until they stop floating, around 5-6 hours). Cool them down under cold water and its ready to be enjoyed! Yummy!!!! 

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