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This is one of the most important festivals of the Chinese calendar after Chinese New Year. Mid-Autumn festival is not only celebrated in China, but also in the countries neighboring China such as in Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore…This year, the Festival will take place on Sunday September 27th 2015.

This Chinese tradition is at least 3000 years old. According to legend, people started to thank the moon god for the harvest during the Shang Dynasty (商朝). Actually, many different legends exist about the origin of this celebration. But overall, Mid-Autumn Festival is a synonym of family gathering. The full moon symbolizes family reunion, which is why the holiday is also known as the Festival of Reunion.

In those gatherings, people express their love and good wishes to the others. They light their lanterns, watch concerts and dragon dances, enjoy the sight of the full moon (as it appears to be at its roundest and brightest) and eat food like moon cakes (yuebing月饼) but not only! Let’s take a look at what Chinese people like to eat at this time of the year and why:

1) Pumpkin
Eating pumpkin on Mid-Autumn Festival night is believed to bring people good health.

2) River snails

This delicacy is an indispensable food on the Mid-Autumn Festival dinner table for the people in Guangzhou. It’s believed to help brighten the eyesight!

3) Duck

Eating duck is popular during Mid-Autumn Festival because the taste of the duck is very rich during this season.

4) Taro

In Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, the word "taro" has the same pronunciation as "luck is inside." Eating them during the festival is believed to dispel any bad luck and bring good luck and wealth throughout the year.

5) Watermelon

Watermelon is a sign of fertility as it is full of seeds and its round shape is a symbol of family reunion. In Shaanxi Province, the watermelon gets cut into the shape of a lotus, a symbol of good fortune, during the festival.

6) Pear

In Mandarin, "pear" is homophonous with "separate," both pronounced as "li." For this reason, eating a pear during Mid-Autumn Festival symbolizes the people's wish to avoid separation and implies their desire for reunion.

7) Lotus root

The steamed lotus root stuffed with glutinous rice and topped with osmanthus flavoured honey signifies a charming and happy life.

8) Osmanthus

 It's a tradition in China to enjoy osmanthus flavoured cake and wine during Mid-Autumn Festival. Enjoying the sweet-scented osmanthus cake and wine also stands for family reunion and a happy life.

9) Crab

Hairy crab is rich in protein and amino acids. This is probably one of most sought-after delicacy among Chinese people. Crabs are ready to lay their eggs around the time of the festival, meaning they are at their tastiest right then. A plate of steamed hairy crabs dressed with ginger and vinegar always forms the highlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion dinner!

10) Moon cakes!!!

A moon cake is a delicately stuffed round cake, symbolizing family reunions and best wishes. It is the most traditional and important food of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The cake is often exchanged as a gift between family and friends during the festival to convey their best wishes. There are all kinds of moon cakes to choose from. What's especially important about moon cakes is their filling. The traditional fillings are sweetened bean paste, Jujube paste and nut paste. Nowadays, new fillings are being invented and produced all the time such as cream-chocolate or jam and dried fruits.

We wish you and your family a very happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
Do you celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival too? What food do you eat on this occasion? Please share with us your comments. Thanks for reading our article and please also share it with your friends!
Source: (Wang Yanfang)
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