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According to Auguste Escoffier’s vision, gastronomy is not just about cooking but more about preserving the culinary arts and traditions.

Team 2015 young chefs

This year, the Disciples Escoffier Asia Young Talent Trophy (-25 years) took place in Hong Kong from September 8th to 10th, in which 7 young chefs (list of candidates below) from 7 Asian countries competed (the youngest is a 16 years-old girl from the Philippines). The Disciples Escoffier Young Talent Trophy (DEYTT) has established itself for the last 7 years as the leading culinary competition for young Asian chefs! 

Dishes preparation Day 3

We all have heard of Auguste Escoffier, but are we really familiar with the spirit of the institution?
Auguste Escoffier (1846-1936) is also referred as “The King of Chefs & The Chef of Kings”. He is the author of the Bible of the Modern French Cuisine written in year 1903. 
Escoffier not only emphasized the tastes and technics, he also drew attention to the different values and traditions of cooking in our society. Even though he lived in another century, today his established concepts still remain a reference for many chefs. French association Disciples Escoffier as well as the Instituts Culinaires thus have been created to perpetuate Escoffier's visions of transmission, culture and modernity of the culinary arts. 

Awards Ceremony: candidates (top left) and President of Disciples Escoffier International Robert Fontana with Disciples Escoffier Presidents for each Asian country (bottom left)


Did you know that when a new chef is enthroned as a Disciple Escoffier, he takes the following oath:
I take the oath to transmit, to serve and to honor the Cuisine, its culture as well as its perpetual evolution.


Dishes display on Day 3: Beef Tournedos and Chocolate Tarte

At the end of the third day, only one candidate will be given the chance to represent Asia during the Grand World’s Final in France, and still the overall atmosphere was very friendly.
“It makes me really happy to see these young people taking over!” said Jean-Marc Gaucher, Executive Pastry Chef from the Mira Hong-Kong. It was actually easy to spot that candidates, judges and visitors were all very happy to be part of this adventure! The young chefs and their commis looked very concentrated and seemed to have put a lot of efforts 
in their tasks


In the middle of plating the dessert on Day 3

The taste and presentation counted for half of the mark. The other half was given according to cooking technics, organization skills, product utilization, plating, hygiene and timing, not to forget the professionalism, attitude and grooming.
One of the judges shared with us that chefs should always be aware of how much food they handle versus the quantity needed and try to avoid wasting food. 

Judges were allowed to visit each kitchen for checking the dishes, observing, sometimes asking questions to the young chefs or even reassuring and encouraging them...

Mr Byong-Dong Jang from Korea (and who also speaks French) shared with us that in culinary arts, basics are fundamentals. 

From top to bottom:
Mr Olivier Castella (Thailand) with Mr Philip John Golding (Philippines) ; Mr Emmanuel Soulières (Macau) and Mr Fabrice Vulin (Hong Kong) ; Mr Byong-Dong Jang (South Korea) with Mr Sandro Falbo (Singapore)

On the left: young chef Panuvit Khaokaew (Thailand) and on the right: young chef Louise Emmanuel DG. Mabulo (Philippines)

During the closing ceremony, Robert Fontana (President of Disciples Escoffier Young Talent Competition Asia and Maître Cuisiner de France) highlighted a few differences that have been implemented for the first time this year:

It’s a 3-days competition. On the first day, candidates were required to prepare a Sole fillet dish. On day 2, they were asked to prepare a Salmon dish. On the last day, they have been judged on a Beef tournedos as a main and also one dessert: the Chocolate tart. This is actually the first year that a dessert preparation is part of the contest. 
Also this year, young chefs can benefit from the help of a commis. They could either choose their own or they could have been allocated one. Different prizes were also attributed (best team, best commis...)

From left to right: Mr Sandro Falbo (Singapore) ; Olivier Castella (Thailand) ;  Byong-Dong Jang (South Korea) ; Robert Fontana ; Philip John Golding (Philippines) ;  Peter Zhou (China) ; Vincent Leroux (Hong Kong) and Emmanuel Soulières (Macau)
Robert Fontana also added: 
All the candidates did their best even though it was difficult. All of them did a very good job! 



Best Chef/Commis Team: China


Best Skills: Hong Kong


Best Comis: Korea

Best Dessert: Philippines

And the winner of Asian contest is....

Winner Asia 2015: Thailand!


1st place: Thailand, 2d place: South Korea, 3rd place: Hong Kong

Congratulations to team Thailand: Panuvit Khaokaew (in the middle) with Chef Olivier Castella (right)

Escoffier believed that Cuisine is evolving in parallel with the society’s evolution, while always remaining a form of art...

  Ⓒ This is a video by Disciples Escoffier International

If you are a chef under 25 years old and with less than 5 years of kitchen experience, feel free to apply next year! Here is the website:
The comitee included different judges, among which: 
Robert Fontana (also President of Disciples Escoffier Young Talent Competition Asia, and Maitre Cuisiner de France)  ), 
Emmanuel Soulière (President of Disciples Escofier Young Talent Trophy 2015) Disciples Escoffier Macau President, Sands Cotai Central )
Peter Zhou (Disciples Escoffier China President, Park Hyatt Numgbo Resort and Spa () 
Vincent Leroux (Disciples Escoffier HK President  Institut Culinaire Disciple Escoffier HK  )
Byong-Dong Jang (Disciples Escoffier South Korea President, Maison Escoffier Seoul  ) 
Philip John Golding (Disciples Escoffier Philippines President, S&L Fine Foods )
Sandro Falbo (Disciples Escoffier Singapore President, Fullerton Hotel Singapore   )
Olivier Castella (Disciples Escoffier Thailand President, Artur restaurant )
And also: 
Jean–Marc Gaucher, Fabrice Vulin, Daniel Birkner, Bertrand Ducauroy, Dider Rochat, Petrous Moldovan, Jaako Sorsa, Laurent Brouard, Charles-Besnoit Lacour, Mak Kam Kui, Jeremy Biasiol, Rudilf Muller. Fabrice Vulin, Mike Cecil Lo, Thierry Muller, Dragan Fikipovic (also a food photographer), Eiffelene Salavador (also the presenter), Raphaelle Muller, David Jean Marteau, Laurent Pousse, Annie Wang, Marsha Gau...

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