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After Fashion, place for Art in the City of Light! Paris is about to hold the 42th edition of FIAC, the contemporary art fair that takes place every year. Modern art is not always easy to understand and that’s the reason why it’s a unique opportunity to be curious about what is currently done by artists. Some creations and performances are so far from what you can imagine, it’s overall a very good way to escape and to have fun! That’s art isn’t it?


Time for your appointment with contemporary art has come! The International Contemporary Art Fair (Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain) also called FIAC (pronounced feeh-ak) is about to start! It takes place in Paris, mainly in the Grand Palais where 173 galleries will be opened, and also “hors-les-murs” (outside the walls) in many other Parisian buildings and outdoors areas such as: le Jardin des Tuileries, les Berges de Seine, les Docks, le Musée Eugène-Delacroix, le Jardin des PLantes, Place Vendôme, le Petit Palais… 
The 2015 edition will last for 3 days (22, 23 and 24th October) and gather artistic creations and performances from not less than 3126 artists (Ai Weiwei; Damien Hirst…) from 23 countries.


Artists come from every part of the world, 42 galleries from French artists, 35 from artists from United States and 20 galleries from FIAC-first-time-exhibitors!
If you have the chance to be in France at this time, take the opportunity to get a perspective of the 2015 contemporary and modern art scene. This is a unique opportunity considering the constantly moving art scene due to new energies brought by recent and undiscovered artists. This year, FIAC is clearly opening to young talents with FIAC-l’Officielle, the event held at La Cité de la Mode et du Design that focuses on young and promising artists.


Historically, the FIAC was created in 1974 in order to promote contemporary art, and only moved to the Grand Palais in 2006. The best French artist receives a prize: the Marcel Duchamp Prize. The one who receives the Lafayette Prize will get the chance to inaugurate the next edition of FIAC. 
You can get more info and browse through the artists and events on the FIAC official website (in French and English) 
Have Fun at FIAC 2015! 
To start the fun, we have selected two funny short videos (one in English and one in French) made on the occasion of the FIAC editions 2012 and 2013. take a look:

Teaser Edition 2012:

Teaser Edition 2013:

Thanks for reading our article. Are you a fan of contemporary art? Whose gallery would you like to visit? Use our social network to leave your comments.
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