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This year is the 26th anniversary of the Semaine du Goût. 

‘The Week of Taste’, La Semaine du Goût in French, is an event not only about gastronomy but also about a sustainable development and preservation of culinary heritage. It was launched in France in 1990 for the first time and ever since every year in October the Week of Taste is held across France with the aim to ”fight” for taste. 
The main goal of this event is to teach everything about taste. Today, the concept of ‘La Semaine du Goût’ has exported successfully outside of France and the Week of Taste takes place in many countries in the world, allowing more audiences to learn through creative and fun workshops during this special week. The Week of Taste is actually getting more and more popular in Asia and especially in Japan! 
This year, the week of Taste takes place from October 12th until 18th (in France). 
Of course, TV5MONDE is also celebrating the Week of Taste, with the broadcast of some special programs related to culinary and gastronomy topics.  This is the opportunity for you to watch:
Cuisiniers d’aujourd’hui (Documentary) on October 15th and 21st  
Édouard Loubet et le Lubéron (Lifestyle) on October 22d and 28th 
Chefs (TV Series) every Tuesday starting on October 13th 
See more on the official website: 

Happy tasting everyone!

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