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13/04/201500:00 TV5MONDE

Chaul Chnam Thmey in the Khmer language literally means
“Enter New Year” !


The Khmer New Year is one of Cambodia’s major holidays. Communities with roots in the Khmer culture would return to their homes for three whole days to celebrate this occasion.
The Khmer New Year marks the end of the harvest season. This represents the time of leisure for farmers who have harvested rice all year. April is the month that represents this rare break from the hard work that has taken place. The farming communities turn their attention to the rites of the New Year ahead of the rainy season that arrives in late May.


The Cambodian New Year is celebrated through three days with each of their own rituals and significant ceremonies.
On the first day, “Moha Songkran” is celebrated to welcome the New God or Angels appointed to protect the world for the coming year. The local communities would usually clean their homes and prepare food as offerings for blessings to monks. Offerings are usually a table full of fruits, cakes, and incense sticks decorated with flowers. These offerings are made
On the second day, “Vanabot” or Wanabat, commemorates the day for remembering one’s elders - both living and those who have departed. The word Vanabot means “Day of Giving”. For younger kids, they have the tradition to receive new clothes.
Finally, on the third day, “Thgnai Loeung Sak” or the “New Beginning” commemorates the official day of the New Year. Devotees bathe Buddha shrines in temples during a ceremony called “Pithi Srang Preah”. Local people would pour water on each other as blessings.

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