Events  Songkran 2015: The Biggest Water Fight Festival in Thailand and The Traditional Thai New Year!
13/04/201500:00 TV5MONDE

If you’re considering traveling to Thailand for Songkran (Thailand’s Water Fight Festival 2015) be prepared to get soaked having the time of your life in a fun and exciting water fight (all in good fun). The Thai New Year always takes place in the hottest time of the year, so it’s the perfect time for water play; you’ll feel like a kid again !


There are different ways for people to celebrate the coming of New Years. While western countries use fireworks for the celebration, Asian countries such as China use other means like dragon dance.
The Songkran festival is derived from the word, “Sanskrit” which literally means “Astrological Passage” - or in this case, A change. This Songkran festival is celebrated in Thailand as the traditional New Year’s Day.  This festival coincides with the New Year of few other calendars of regions in Southeast Asia such as Laos and Vietnam.
The Songkran Festival is regarded as the longest holiday in Thailand. Unlike other festivals, Songkran is said to be the largest as it is celebrated for three consecutive days.


One of the traditional practices of the Songkran Festival requires housewives to clean their houses and remove all their rubbish. Rubbish or garbage is seen as bad luck for the remaining months of the coming year. Likewise, Buddha images and household shrines are to be cleaned carefully to bring good fortune and prosperity to the house owners.


The Songkran Festival falls during the hottest time of the year in Thailand. Temperatures can rise to over 100 °F or 40 °C on some days. Meaning, the festival will not be complete without the “Water Fight”. Travelers and natives including children throw water upon others with water guns and water containers. The water symbolizes cleansing and rejuvenating of their bodies.  At times, the water are mixed with beige colored talc and menthol.



The throwing of water originated as a gesture of respect to people. By receiving water that had been poured over the Buddhas after cleansing signifies “blessings” which brings good furtunes to elders and families.
Songkran not only has the “Water Fight” event, but it actually mainly focuses on spiritual intensions. Songkran is traditionally seen as a time to visit and pay respects to elders including family members, friends, neighbors and also monks.
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