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On March 21st 2016 starts the second edition of Goût de France / Good France, the international event that celebrates the French gastronomy! Did you know that there are around 1700 chefs on all 5 continents that are participating in the event? There must be one of them just near you....


In Asia and Pacific, you will have a chance to taste to French gastronomy in the following countries:
South Korea
Fiji islands 
New Zealand
If you are interested, click here to take a look at the restaurants list in the world, you can see even see the menu that will be served in these restaurants... 




From crêpes to molecular gastronomy,  the whole French gastronomy is honored in all its types from the bistro food to the haute-gastronomie.  Chefs originate from all regions of France and of the world, and they will add their personal experience and sensitivity to the menu dishes: roasted gambas, duck leg confit, octopus Carpaccio, cheese soufflé, beef tartar, aioli, quenelles Lyonnais, sole Meunière, veal Blanquette, tartiflette, filet mignon, poached sea bass, oysters, Roquefort terrine, Mont d’or gratiné, and all kinds of cheeses that will be too long to enumerate, plus some decadent incredible desserts: strawberry charlotte, tarte tatin, mille feuille, lavender mousse, opéra classic…

So, are you joining in? 
Take a look at the general presentation here:

In Australia (with subtitles in English):

With subtitles in English  and Chinese
In Hong Kong at Stan Café, the chef Jean-Charles Devillard shares and shows the recipe of the Herb-crusted Lamb fillet with Quinoa and Vegetables specially created for the Good-France occasion:
Also at Jules Bistro, discover his presentation of his signatures homemade sausages recipe
We want you to enjoy the French Gastronomy! While you are having a French culinary experience, it’s important to remember that the taste, the quality and the presentation of the dish are as significant as the spirit of conviviality conveyed in sharing a good dish with others around the table.
All chefs participating in the event respect the principles of a high-quality and environmentally responsible cuisine.

Bon Appétit! 
Are you also participating to Goût de France / Good France this year? Which place are you going to? Please share with us! Thanks for reading our article!
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