Events  Indulge your Inner Frenchie during the Francophonie week!
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Even though we celebrate the Francophonie everyday on TV5MONDE, we still want to make something special for Francophiles like you! From today, please enjoy our online French expressions and discover our special programs focused on the Francophonie world!
Here we are, ready for a new edition of the Francophonie week! Did you know that this event is celebrated in more than 70 countries in the world? Wherever you are, there is something Frenchie waiting for you. 


Learn French with French expressions

We believe that one of the funniest thing when learning a foreign language is the use of expressions! We invite you to discover our French expressions directly on our website with our new page! Click on the French Language section on the top menu and choose one category.

All of our expressions are featured with a picture, a literal translation and their meaning or equivalent in English. You can also share them with your friends on Twitter and Facebook! So far, we have divided them into 5 categories:
Color expression; body expression; daily expressions; animal expressions and food expressions. But stay tuned as we are going to launch new categories very soon… Can you guess which ones?
Have you discovered our new page with French expressions? Click "French Language" on the top menu and enjoy! 


Special programs for France and French enthusiasts

You can also celebrate the Francophonie with these special programs broadcasted on TV5MONDE Asia Pacific and dedicated to the Francophonie world. 

Les As du francais


In partnership with CCTV-Français. 10 candidates are competing in front of a jury including 15 people from 8 different countries among whom Bernard Cerquiglini (presentator of our famous program Merci Professeur) and Dong Qiang (from Beijing University), to show their excellent knowledge in French language. 
Broadcasted on: Monday 28th March, 4th and 11th April at 00.40 Tokyo time. 
Acoustic (2 special episodes)

Your favourite program about French music is making 2 special episodes dedicated to the week of the French language. Stay tuned if you don’t want to miss famous artists such as Vianney (Best male artist of the year), but also La Grande Sophie, Ariane Moffatt, Frero Delavega, Louane, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Akhenaton and Shurik'n, Thomas Dutronc, Christophe Willem.
The second episode special Francophonie will cover French performer Yuri Buenaventura music with his new album called “Paroles”, a homage to French music (Chanson Française). 
Broadcast on Tuesday at 0.30 am and 11.30 am, Saturday at 6.30 pm and Sunday at 12.30 pm Tokyo time 

Pierre Brossolette ou les passagers de la lune
​(Cinema / Documentary)


This is the story of Pierre Brossolette (born in 1903). He was a talented student and avant-garde journalist who was politically engaged, and most importantly a defender of the Human Rights…. Click to learn more
Broadcast on Thursday 17th March at 5.20 pm and Sunday 27th March at 10 am Tokyo time
La fête de la chanson française


This 12th edition is marked by the ideas of sharing and celebration, with a focus on the 60s and 70s and just a touch of the 80s and 90s.
Guests: Johnny Hallyday, Patrick Bruel, Thomas Dutronc, Eddy Mitchell, Vianney, Pascal Obispo, Fréro Delavega, Marina Kaye, Lambert Wilson, Brigitte, Soprano, Joyce Jonathan, Kids United, Claire Keim, Nicole Croisille, Chico et les Gypsies, and more… 
Broadcast on Saturday 19th and 26th March at 9.15 pm Tokyo time
Destination Francophonie 
(Current Affairs)

This special episode focused on a different variety of French language in Libreville, Gabon where it gets influenced by the other local dialects. 

Les vendredis d’Apostrophes 

For the 40th anniversary of "Apostrophes", Pierre Assouline reviews the best moments and interviews shown on this beloved French literary television series. He presents an anthology of the best excerpts, organized like an alphabet primer, accompanied by Bernard Pivot and his many anecdotes for a behind-the-scenes look at the show. Link here
Broadcast on Monday 14th March at 5.20 pm and Wednesday 16th March at 9.00 pm Tokyo time

(Current Affairs)

With Michaëlle Jean (Secretary General of the Organisation of La Francophonie) as a guest on Sunday March 13th. Link here


Play around French linguistics on
(page in French)

You can also find more games around the French language on the corporate website and practice your French with the national Archibald dictation, Merci Professeur videos, words and expressions, videos about teaching French… 


The Francophonie locally in Asia and Pacific

Eventually, don’t forget to contact your local Alliance Francaise, Institut de Français, French Embassy to check what are the local events in Asia and Pacific.
Check this website to view the events in your country: 20 Mars 2016 Francophonie
Useful websites: 
We wish you a fantastic week of the French language and the Francophonie! 
Merci, nous vous souhaitons une excellente Fête de la Francophonie!
Don’t hesitate to ask may you have any question regarding the event on Twitter @tv5mondeapac

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