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Today is May 1st and it's the international Workers’ Day in a majority of countries during which people have a day off.

In France, May is also the month of the 
Muguet (to be pronounced ˈmuːɡeɪ ), which is the French name for the flower Lily of the Valley. The old French name was the Lys des vallées. 
It is a tradition on this day to offer Lily of the Valley to your loved ones, your friends… Small kids sometimes offer some to their teachers. On the week leading up to May Day, you can buy bunches of this fragrant spring flower in every florist and most supermarkets.


An old tradition:
The French tradition of giving muguet flowers on May 1st began in the 16th Century when King Charles IX  of France was presented with muguet flowers as a luck or charm for the following year. Since then, the muguet flowers are regarded as a lucky charm.
In the old times, people also used to prepare and wear crowns made of Lily flowers and to offer one to the person they love. Isn’t it so romantic?
The muguet is a tiny flower in a bell shape. It has a white or pinkish colour in spring and gives red berries at the beginning of autumn. 
Toxicity: this white tiny flower might look totally innocent, but the red seeds are extremely toxic.


Summer is coming, add flowers to your outfit for special day!
Do you know how to make a crown of flowers ? 
We have found a nice tutorial for you on this website for which you just need simple tools.
Happy May first to you all! Bon 1er Mai à tous!

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