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24/02/201700:00 TV5MONDE

When life gives you lemons…
Wait, wait. Let’s stop with that cliché. Why not a lemon festival?
The last town on the French Riviera before the Italian border, Menton is nicknamed the perle de la France (“Pearl of France”), and for good reasons. On the coast of the azure blue Mediterranean sea, Menton enjoys 300 days of sunshine all year round and has the warmest winters in an area classified as metropolitan France. Inhabited since the Paleolithic era, its warm weather and fertile soil meant that agriculture has always been an important trade in this commune.
Research tells us that Menton’s lemon cultivation and trade has flourished since the 15th century, though it grew in size in the later centuries. Lemon, a plant which is highly affected by frost and temperature changes, thrives in Menton due to its mild winters and ample amount of sunlight. By the 19th century, Menton has become Europe’s largest export point of lemons. Tons of products are made from the fruit, other than culinary needs. Essential oils, floral waters and even the bark of the tree are used to make cabinets and other wood works.
Menton’s lemons are known for their bright, golden yellow hue, a peel which is highly fragrant and lots of sweet juice in its pulp. It is a sought after ingredient by many famed French chefs.
The celebration of this fruit in festival form has started as early as 1928. Every year, the theme changes, and the 2017’s lemon festival celebrates Broadway. Sculptures, floats, dancers and musicians come together under this theme and go artistic and creative. 
While lemon is the principal fruit used to make the large sized sculptures, in fact a lot of citrus fruits are used. Oranges, limes and occasionally grapefruits are used as well, though the predominant colours you’ll see in the festival is orange and well, yellow.
Take a look at past and current festivals in Menton! If you’re in the area, try to visit and remember that the festival is on until 1st of March, 2017!
For more information, please refer to its official website.

Sculptures from 2017's edition of the festival:




Evening parade ©

From past festivals:

Dancers at the parade.

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