Events  What's on TV during the 2017 Francophony Week?
23/03/201700:00 TV5MONDE

It's the Semaine de la langue française et de la francophonie! 2017 marks the twenty-second time where this week-long event is held. Known as the French Language and Francophony Week, this is a celebration which caters not only to France and French culture, but any Francophone country, region or area where French is spoken. Other than countries where sizeable communities which are globally renowned to house tens of thousands of Francophone individuals (such as Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, etc), there are of course many others - Mauritius, North Africa, Reunion Island, Guadaloupe, French Polynesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and many more. Globally, French as a language is now the second most popular language to be picked up by those keen to acquire a foreign language, with English taking the number 1 spot.

While the week of Francophony will come to an end this Sunday, the 26th of March, there remains a large number of programs on TV5MONDE which will help you travel vicariously to all four corners of the world, where the French language is spoken! Take a look at some of these programs below and mark a rendez-vous with our network this month! Remember, the list is non-exhaustive - be sure to browse our website for the latest programming information!

A show which looks at the latest fashion trends and styles all across France.


Each week, Acoustic introduces a renowned or new musician to those who are interested in the world of Francophone music. From pop, jazz, rock to experiemental schools of music, discover new music for your ears!

Après l'hiver

An award-winning documentary on the lives of four Swiss youth, who upon graduation from high school have one year to figure out their professional lives - literally.

Atterrissage forcé

A documentary which commemorates the 143 soldiers detained at Switzerland's Wauwilermoos penal internment camp during the Second World War. The documentary is more than a tribute to their memory, but one which calls for global peace in the contemporary world.

C'est du Belge

A look at some of the most influential characters and trends in contemporary Belgium.

Cuisine de chez nous

Each episode, our host brings us to a Swiss family where we learn more about and taste specialties from their region, tradition, etc.

Épicerie fine - terroirs gourmands

Each episode showcases a culinary specialty from a specific region in France. From beverages to raw ingredients, it's fine dining straight from its roots.

Les escapades de Petitrenaud

Jean-Luc Petitrenaud is a celebrity food critic renowned in the Francophone world. He takes us for a culinary adventure at a local restaurant in different parts of France every week.

Les Prix du Cinema Suisse 2017

Celebrating the best of Swiss cinema in the year 2017.

Louis XIV et l'énigme du Fort Saint-Sébastien

The engimatic Fort Saint-Sebastien, where a dig performed by the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research has revived interest in a forgotten place just outside Paris.

Manger le monde

What does the world eat? This Canadian production takes us across the world and lands in Thailand for a culinary experience.

Midi en France

One of France's best known shows, "Noon in France" again takes us across France, learning tricks and tips in cooking while exploring every region's endless cultural and gourmet possibilities.

Over the past 10 years, Canadian Chef Ricardo Larrivée has offered countless recipes, cookbooks etc to the Quebecois audience. In each episode, he cooks along with his guests while making use of some of Canada's best ingredients.

Tendance XXI

French creativity is booming in the fields of fashion, crafts, design, beauty and gastronomy. 'Tendance XXI' showcases a know-how that evolves in tune with the times, sometimes even anticipating them.

Visites privées

Host Stéphane Bern is practically eponymous when it comes to shows or movies celebrating French heritage and culture. Join him and other guests in exploring various historical and cultural sites across France.
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