Events  Special Programmes for Festival de Cannes 2019
14/05/201900:00 TV5MONDE


Festival de Cannes has always remained committed to its founding purpose for decades: to draw the audience’s attention to promote films, enhance the development of the movie industry, boost the film industry around the world and celebrate it at an international level.

TV5MONDE is proud to be a partner of one of the biggest international and Francophone Film Festivals.  This year is already the 72nd edition, and the Festival will take place between May 14th and 25th.

On this special occasion, there will be some exclusive films and documentaries that will be broadcasted on our channel.

Click on schedules to check the broadcasted time in your country and to have further details about the program.



Carré 35, directed by Éric Caravaca (2017)
Award: Official selection (Cannes 2017)


Christine is buried in Carré 35, the French part of Casablanca cemetery. The director knows almost nothing about this sister, who died at the age of 3, before he was born. His parents do not talk about her. Just like they wanted to forget Morocco after their exile.


Chouf, directed by Karim Dridi (2016)
Award: Selected film at the Cannes festival (France, 2016), the Cinémania festival (Canada, 2016) and the Tübingen international French-language film festival (Germany, 2016)



Chouf means "look" in Arabic. It also refers to the lookouts for the Marseille drug gangs. Sofiane joins the "business" in his district when his brother, a local gangster, is killed. He abandons his family and studies, quickly works on finding out the killers.


Jeune femme, directed by Léonor Serraille (2016)

Award: Caméra d'or (Cannes 2017), nominations (César 2018)


Locked doors, empty pockets and a cat under her arm. As Paula returns to Paris after breaking-up with her long-term lover, we follow her from one encounter to another one. Brimming with irrepressible but naïve energy, the young woman seems clearly determined to make a new start.


La jeune fille sans mains, directed by Sébastien Laudenbach (2016)
Award: Jury's Prize (Annecy 2016), Grand Prize (TAAF - Tokyo 2017; BIAF - South Korea 2016), nominations (ACID - Cannes 2016; Lumières international press award 2017, César Award 2017)


A starving miller sells his daughter to the devil in exchange for a river of gold. The young woman who is too pure for the demon, manages to escape but finds herself without hands. It is the beginning of a long journey towards the light for her.



Anna Karina, souviens-toi, directed by Dennis Berry (2017)


Emblematic actress of the New Wave, Anna Karina was part of the French film revival in the 60s. The documentary sets her story into that of the period, but is also a love letter addressed by Dennis Berry to the person who shared his life for over 20 years.

Michel Legrand – sans demi-mesure, directed by Gregory Monro (2018)


He was one of the most talented composers of film music, notably winning three Oscars in Hollywood. He was also one of the most eclectic artists, moving with virtuosity from arrangement to composition, jazz to classic, singing to playing the piano and from the French New Wave to Hollywood... A portrait of the immense Michel Legrand, who left us on 26 January 2019 at the age of 86.



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