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09/05/201508:00 French Creations

Le Boudoir - Interior


(Hong-Kong) The famous Cocktail Bar on Wyndham street awakes Central with a new exciting list of recipes.
Among the signature Porn Star Martini & Spicy Fifty, 9 new formulas enter the list to offer different flavourful experiences to the guests.

Le Boudoir - Bar Manager - Pierre Dos Santos

In charge of the Bar, Pierre dos Santos, newcomer, has decided to disrupt entrenched habits, offering a collection of drinks adapted to every taste and desire.
To design his new menu, he plays with many aromas to create unique moment: dry, bitter, spices, exotic fruits, citrus, herbs, tea…
For this international mixologist, diversity is the key. His cosmopolitan spirits inspired his menu.  

 I want to offer each guest a positive experience. I love to surprise people; to create unexpected flavours with well-known ingredients. Cocktails need to be simple, classy & unique. The components, the tastes, the appearance… everything is important. » explain Pierre dos Santos, bar manager at le Boudoir. ❞  

Le Boudoir - Interior


REPUBLIQUE (HK$130), a mix of Rum Pampero, Aperol, Graham’s Port Wine & Creole Bitter. Republique is for customers who like powerful cocktail : the smoothness of the Rum twisted with the bitterness of the orange flavours and the spiciness  of the Graham’s Port Wine 10 year old.

 Le Boudoir - Republique


CABO SAN LUCKY (HK$120), a mix of Tequila, Creole Shrubb Liquor, Lime Juice, Fig Puree, Balsamic Vinegar. The famous Margarita is revisited with more complexity and intensity. The fig and the balsamic give a sweet & soft touch to the recipe. 

Le Boudoir - Cabo San Lucky

ST CYR (HK$120), a mix of 1776 Boubon, Absinthe Pernod, Pear William Puree, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice, Ginger & Mint. The power of the Whiskey and the Absinthe is balanced by the fruity aromas.

 Le Boudoir - St Cyr

MACHU PICCHU (HK$120), a mix Pisco Encanto, Lime Juice, Forrest Berry Tea, Peychaud Bitter, Pineapple Gomme Syrup. A cocktail based on the original South American Pisco Sour. A nice and silky texture with amazing flavours from the grape, the tea and the pineapple.

 Le Boudoir - Machu Picchu


EDEN’s GARDEN (HK$110), a mix of Aviation Gin, Aperol, Apricot Puree, Apricot Liquor, Lemon Juice & Rosemary. A fruity and springtime experience.
Le Boudoir - Eden's Garden


Le Boudoir is opened from Monday to Sunday from 6pm to 3am.
Le Boudoir - Spicy Fifty

About Le Boudoir:
Opened on October 2010, Le Boudoir is the French Creations’ bar. Adjacent to Pastis, use the red velvet lined staircase to get into Le Boudoir’s world and discover this amazing place. The atmosphere is hushed and cosy with red wallpaper, classic paintings and art deco mirrors. Take your place at the long polished bar or on a Victorian style sofa and enjoy one of the unavoidable cocktails on the list or a tasty glass of wine. This speak-easy style bar, designed like a private bedchamber, benefits from a small courtyard.
About French Creations :  
Created in 2009 with the opening of Pastis, the French group, owned by Jérôme Spitzer and Olivier Caisson, never stopped growing since then. French Creations inaugurated Le Boudoir in October 2010, Saint-Germain in June 2011, and launched French American Bistro (F.A.B.) in March 2012. Metropolitain is the newly born of the friendly adventure with the opening in March 2013. The owners, both from the hospitality industry, are reaching to create successful and famous places over Hong Kong.

For reservations:
Basement, 65 Wyndham Street
(852) 2530 3870
Facebook : leboudoirhk
Twitter: FrenchCrea_HK
Pinterest: frenchcreations
Instagram : frenchcreations

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Restaurant group French Creations is noted for its authentically French casual dining venues across Hong Kong Island. Founded by Jérôme Spitzer and Olivier Caisson with the opening of Pastis on in November 2009, the group has enjoyed rapid and successful expansion with cocktail lounge Le Boudoir in October 2010, Happy Valley favourite Saint-Germain in June 2011, French American Bistro (F.A.B.) in March 2012, and expanding west with the opening of Metropolitain in Sai Ying Pun in March 2013.

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