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22/07/201507:00 Li Tian

Fauchon フォション: Eclair Specialist

Our new blogger Li Tian shares with us her impression of the pastries and cakes made at the Fauchon shop in Tokyo: the Éclair Specialist. You will discover some very elaborate éclairs that are both unique and elegant in look and in taste… just as is the French patisserie, isn’t it?



"F" for Fauchon. Here, I'm referring to Fauchon, the fine foods gourmet brand from Paris. It is operated by Takashimaya in Tokyo and sells very thing from bread to ice cream and delicatessen.


The cake section offers an array of very pretty French gateau. Seems like Fauchon likes to make all things square because its roll cakes come in square form too. Other than the cakes posted in the 
Christmas Special, there is also the Biarritz Marrona chestnut cake that is brimming with buttercream and Chantilly cream.


It is no doubt that high quality chestnuts were used, though some might find it too cloyingly rich.

 Macaron Pistachio and Caramel (231 yen each)
But what I liked most about Fauchon is its whimsical éclairs and indeed they are probably the most delicious stuff out of everything in the cake display. Their selling point is not in the texture, as it is not air crisp like those with cookie crust shell. It is the flamboyant design and unique filling that attracts the crowd. Here are some of the memorable éclairs:


Eclair Paris Brest (Hazelnut)


Eclair Cerise Chocolat
White Cream, Chocolate Cream and Syrup soaked Cherries


Sakura Eclair (Spring Limited Edition)
Can you tell that there is a transparent sugar glass coating between the flowers and the sakura cream frosting? Lovely, isn't it?


Kabuki Eclair
This is my favorite because the yuzu and matcha cream are irregularly piped into the éclair. So one might encounter yuzu in the first bite and matcha in the second or third bite. Very much reflective of the fleeting unpredictable nature of the traditional Japanese performing arts.


There is the classic all-vanilla custard Millefeuille but I chose the limited edition Pecan and Chocolate Millefeuille (¥756). The pastry stacks looked golden crispy but fell flat beyond the millefeuilles found in average patisseries. It was bitter chocolate cream on top and a triple layer of bitter-white-bitter chocolate cream mixed with pecan nuts at the base. The white chocolate section was very sweet, to the point of being sickly, but the bitter chocolate pulled it back to saneness. Pierre Herme is still the place for millefeuilles.
Besides cakes and éclairs, Fauchon is also a bakery here. Stay tune for the upcoming posts on Fauchon's yummy bakes.

Fauchon Japan フォション 
Takashimaya Shinjuku and other outlets
For full store listing:
Li Tian is an avid foodie, self-confessed dessert lover with a passion for sharing good food in Singapore and Japan. She has an eye for modern Japanese-French desserts in which ingredients like matcha or yuzu are integrated into traditional classics.

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