Gastronomy  Crème De La Crème: Kyoto Cream Puffs in Tokyo
09/09/201519:00 Li Tian

This article was published by Li Tian on her blog in November 2014. She has found a very unique puff pastry shop in Tokyo! Check it out!

Located amidst the high-end commercial district of Roppongi Hills, Crème de la Crème stands out with the unique pure white-wash exterior. This takeaway-only cream puff specialty shop originates from Kyoto and this only outlet in Tokyo opened in April 2013.

What makes this cream puff shop special is the Wafu flavours and not the choux pastry. Besides this Matcha Éclair, there is the white miso paste éclair.

Shaped like a caterpillar, one experience the slight astringent matcha flavour that is lightened with fresh cream in every mouthful. The choux pastry is not too bad, just like the rabbit cream puffs from Nicolas in Ginza, but nothing of astounding intricacy.

Plain, Chocolate, Matcha, Raspberry, Custard
These 5 little "dragon balls", dainty-looking but powerful on taste. Instead of the familiar custard cream, each ball unleased thick, dense filling because the custard base has been blended with traditional bean paste. Hence, their puny sizes are a good thing. 

Look out for seasonal specials, like this Fruit Baton Choux (¥696) that comprises fresh tomato custard cream, tomato whipped cream, orange, blackberry and juicy sweet marinated tomato.
It was created as part of an art exhibition that was ongoing at Roppingi Hills Mori Tower. In fact, everytime there is a special art event, Roppongi Hills will rope in all the restaurants to create a list special food dishes to attract gourmet afficionados. Good marketing strategy I say, since eating is much a form of art just as art is a form of eating.

Alternatively, catch the fruits when they are in season by having the Melon Baton Choux (¥561)

If you would like to pack something back on your trip, get the Choucre (available in chocolate). It is an example of A + B=C, or how the Japanese like to play with their products. Think Chocolate Ramen. A fusion of choux cream and financier cake, it was meant to be reheated to let the volatile lava gushed out when you bite through it. Well, I tried both ways, hot and at room temperatue. I overheated the cake and the oil separated from the chocolate ganache...

Want to find a nice cooling place to enjoy your treats? There are plenty of outdoor benches outside the shop. Chop a good spot and you can eat your Kyoto Cream Puff and enjoy the view of Tokyo Tower in front of you.

Creme De La Crème
(No English Menu)
Roppongi Hills (Takeaway) Outlet
Kyoto Main Outlet
604-0682 Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku, Karasuma Takeyamachi, Shoshoicho, 225
1F Shop Mon-Sat 10am-8pm Sun/PH 10am -6pm
2F Cafe 11.30am-6pm

Li Tian is an avid foodie, self-confessed dessert lover with a passion for sharing good food in Singapore and Japan. She has an eye for modern Japanese-French desserts in which ingredients like matcha or yuzu are integrated into traditional classics.

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