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In today's world, we are constantly bombarded by all types of advertising and marketing that try to convince us what is the best for us. From what we have to eat to be healthy, where we have to go out to be trendy all the way to how to dress to make sure we are in the frontline of fashion, some expert is out there with an opinion.

I don’t know about you, but I am gradually feeling more oppressed by this desire to standardise people, to make me look like Madame tout le monde (Ms. anybody) without even considering what I like, my personality or my current cravings.

Let's bring this into context by looking at the world of fashion. I have a deep admiration for the men and women who are able to be asserting themselves through an eccentric, original or distinguished style. I especially keep a sharp-eye out for the detail of accessories. To dare to wear clothes that really define your feelings and who you are, instead of wearing boring suits that often dissimulate our fears or anxieties truly takes a huge amount of confidence and courage. Of course, we've all done it at some point - where we chose to disguise ourselves along with fashion trends out of fear of not being accepted, being rejected with this false assurance of conforming to a norm of our society.

A colourful shop in Harajuku district in Japan, a style which once characterized the creativity of Japanese fashion.

I often hear that French people have style and I think I can affirm this without French arrogance, that yes, we do. But it's just exactly like the Italian or the Japanese, who are admired for their creativity and uniqueness. With their unfortunate (for some) and enthusiastic (for others) way of standing up for their beliefs, French people assert themselves also with the way they dress.

For example, a French woman will almost always tell you that she refuses to follow fashion, she is of course inspired by it but with the specific aim of creating her own style. The last thing she wants is to look like everyone. She will always claim to wear some clothes or accessorises of which she is the only one to know the name and the address of this specific designer that she found completely randomly. Wearing a unique piece reassures her on the fact that she’s distinctive with respect to other women and knows that it’s her strength and charm.

It’s the same for men. I have a few male friends who place great importance what they are going to wear, they even have their own tips and secret places that maybe even their own wives do not know.

So how about a few tips and ideas?

Here's my take on 5 important things you should know - from a French woman when it comes to style

Wear nice shoes
Iindeed the first thing I look at when I meet someone it’s their shoes. I don’t know why but it’s like an indicator of the personality for me. French women like high-heels to express their femininity but not too high (forget the lady Gaga style) however they also like flat shoes (quite practical when you need to run to catch up the metro) but it needs to be always clean and elegant with their own style.

Don't be vulgar; be classy.
One thing that French women do not like at all its vulgarity, you can be glamourous but you have to make sure that you do not reveal too much of your body (subtlety is queen!) and make sure that you apply the “less is more” philosophy. Style has to define your personality and be your joie de vivre

Do not over accessorise
I've said this again and again. Do not wear too many pieces of jewellery, you do not want to look like a Christmas tree. Choose the right accessorise that is going to enhance your style. You are not here to represent a brand, it is for this reason that you will never see a French woman wearing flashy logos, be classy doesn’t mean showing the name of the brands but to know how to wear your clothes.

Focus less on fitting in; focus on who you really are.

Stay true to yourself.
It's all about your attitude, the way you are going to walk, to speak, the way you move or smile. It’s not about being an it girl but about being yourself. Being confident with the right style and the well chosen accessories will create this je ne sais quoi.

Do not wear luxurious brands to impress.
Don't be buying your Vuitton bag to make it like it's all about adding a monogram in the wardrobe, or following every single instruction in fashion magazines. No seriously, I believe that you must be yourself, find brands that resonate with your lifestyle, your values and you deep inside. Of course I’m not saying not to wear designers but the question that you should ask yourself is: am I buying this item for myself, my own pleasure or am I buying this for others?
Coco Chanel's story and brand all inspire style stories in the author of this article. Are you a fan of the Chanel brand?

Personally if I had to choose a designer it would be Chanel. Ok, yes it’s a cliché for a French woman, I can hear you. Some of you may find this snobbish but it is not. The story of Gabrielle Chanel resonates with my own story. A woman who is plainly taking care of herself, a woman who had the courage to believe in her dreams and realise them, who overcame her fears and a woman who turned a sad episode of her life (being abandoned by her father) into a strength and the determination to make a difference.

Nothing to wear? Perhaps you haven't searched (yourself) enough...

I only can guarantee you one thing, next time you go shopping with this new state of mind, it will add an exciting touch, inspiring you to go on a search for the real you. Remember that you are unique, and this is what gives you your charm and your je ne sais quoi.
I'm Caroline, French brunette who decided to expand my life after 10 years in the French event management industry. After a lots of travels on this amazing planet, I decided to settle in Melbourne, the fashion city of excellence in Australia. Passionate about fashion, beauty, and lover of my French culture, I wanted to start a blog, just for fun (oui oui), to share with you my thoughts, tips, secrets, and my favourite places that bring me back to France.

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