Fashion  Cannes Film Festival: the perfect look à la Française
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Here we go. The 70th Cannes Film Festival has begun. It's a glamorous, magical event; forget about classicism, discretion and normality. Instead, make space for breathtaking high-heels and glitter! The fashion is to be over sublime, over “magnifique"; remember that "less is more" if you want to go for the Parisienne look.

We all dream of playing the part as celebrities and stars. We waant to walk up the stairs on the red carpet, shining all night long, being photographed at our best. Spotlight on chic: it's all about working on your style. Own it and you will be guaranteed success.
The one and only Jane Fonda on the red carpet.

The dress: is it the essential dress code for your evening?
Long, short, with glitter, with a décolleté to make your neighbour jealous... right, I want to tell you why not. But- there's a but - why don’t you go a different route and try with a fantastic tuxedo, a buttoned jacket, a touch of sensuality that reveal the fineness of your skin? Above all, highlight that you forget on purpose to wear a shirt and whoops, you also forgot your bra. Let’s play the total glamour with a discreet and natural makeup. For those who have long hair, pull it up. Work hard on the look by wearing stilettos that will allow you to walk up, down and across the Croisette with a subtle fragrance which will not go unnoticed. Of course, do not forget the little clutch, an accessory which will make the difference and enhance your femininity.

To the mega-fans of the evening dress, choose it well. The idea is that you can move and be comfortable with what you’re wearing. I have seen too many women in dresses who walk in a rather "original" way, leaving you with a curious feeling that the dress needs to be worn with an oxygen tank so the lady could breathe. Let's put it this way: it's a oui for a dress, but a practical dress, please! Please forget these crazy high-heels that you are unable to walk with because it can turn glamourous into ridiculous in no time.

Cannes can be the perfect place to get inspired, but it can also quickly become the benchmark of the DON’T. Those faux pas moments are often a source of great hilarity, provoking uncontrollable laughs.

Dare the style
The Cannes Film Festival is the perfect event of the year to try the extraorindary. Dare a few pieces of meticulous decadent clothing, dare to wear colours and mix them, dare the “out of control” accessory, dare to reveal your voluptuousness and femininity.

I can't repeat it enough, but go ahead and dare the tuxedo - you will amaze everyone. I’m sure that in your wardrobe you have a unique piece, an impulse buy. Yes, I am talking about that sudden impulse, the reassuring purchase, the impulsive buy that makes you feel that one day you will dare and maybe you didn’t dare to wear it yet. Do it now: it’s now or (almost) never. Be careful, however, and not abuse the originality; else the effect can be missed. It is better to choose a moderate look, paired with an accessory that will create the OMG.
Go ahead and try a different style!

Leave nothing to chance. Everything must be perfectly matched so you can shine under the flash of the cameras. Oui oui, that is Cannes, and we indulge in it!

What about the stars?
The festival starts with a superb parade of long dresses. Indeed, this year it's all about length on the red carpet, giving the festival a magical and mysterious side. However I have to confess that I already gave my Palme d’Or for the best outfit to Charlotte Gainsbourg playing a rebel style with a short dress by Yves Saint-Laurent, very sophisticated and brazenly glittery. She’s proud to show her legs and she can, at 45, on the occasion of the opening film Ismaël’s ghosts by Arnaud Desplechin, in which she plays alongside Marion Cotillard.
Charlotte Gainsbourg in a stunning short number. © Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

As I am sure you have understood: the Cannes Film Festival is the place where you are allowed to create your own scenario regarding fashion. For 5 years, I had the privilege of being part of this event and witnessing some of the most sumptuous parties put on by Chopard or AMFAR for example, when I had my own business in France. These years were the most beautiful professional experience for me. Such participation allowed me to appreciate fashion more, to learn how to play with it without being too serious, just by observing. I dared, dared in moderation; this taught me that we certainly all have an inner little star shining in us and we would love to reveal this little star to the world. Fashion is a tool to reveal who you are. This festival is the unique opportunity to discover more about yourself, and maybe dare to expose what you were too shy to show before.

Make yourself beautiful, believe in yourself, show your prettiest profile and remember to smile for the paparazzi.
Have a great festival!
I'm Caroline, French brunette who decided to expand my life after 10 years in the French event management industry. After a lots of travels on this amazing planet, I decided to settle in Melbourne, the fashion city of excellence in Australia. Passionate about fashion, beauty, and lover of my French culture, I wanted to start a blog, just for fun (oui oui), to share with you my thoughts, tips, secrets, and my favourite places that bring me back to France.

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