Fashion  Hera Seoul Fashion Week: Wish List for Fall/Winter 2017 (Part I)
28/06/201700:00 EJ Kim

Seoul is garnering attention as a "hot destination" in Asia with its fashion and style scenes. K-Style Lab was at Hera Seoul Fashion Week FW 2017, and we are glad to share the highlight of Seoul Fashion with our readers. Here is the first part of the list.

Aesthetic rule-breaker
JINTEOK's tricolor combination of red, pink and burgundy is not a usual mix, which is why it holds your gaze. Red next to pink soaks up romance, with pink taking in burgundy's depth. The trio of vivid red, bashful pink and ripe burgundy slices through the biting winds of winter with its magnificence.

Manly yet feminine
The secret for a pair of wide legged pants to be so cool lies in its use of classic French stripes and sturdy fabric, as well as its palette of black and burgundy. Deftly executing both straight lines and curves, BOURIE's suit meticulously calculates the distance from the body. There is just the right amount of space and the right degree of beauty and sophistication with this piece.

Parka takes center stage at night
How about an elegant spin on a padded jumper, which is the symbol of active outerwear? With a simpler design and longer in length, FLEAMADONNA's jumper is more comfortable but much trendier than a coat. It's also a perfect piece to go with any outfit for a night out in town. For those who are in the know, going all out during the night just isn't the way to go.

Separate but together
There is no need to define casual against formal, when it comes to KIOK's hybrid jacket. This half-blazer, half-denim fushion has blue as the common theme. Two completely different jackets are fused into one single creation that stands out for its functionality and originality.

A new silhouette, drawn from inside out
MOOHONG's pinwheel jacket adds beauty to the body's movement, but even when you remain still, a silhouette is conveyed formatively. While the piece stays true to the basics of tailoring, it tweaks the silhouette with origami-like details.

Stay tuned for more fashion tips and noteworthy pieces from the Fall/Winter 2017 session at Hera Seoul Fashion Week!

All photos courtesy of Seoul Design Foundation. This article was originally published on K-Style Lab's blog, a physical pop-up store in Hong Kong and a virtual mecca for tips and news on Korean fashion, curated by EJ Kim.
Having studied fashion design (stylism) at ESMOD (École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode) in Paris, EJ believes that personal style is more important than trends when it comes to fashion. Her career in fashion journalism began at the Korean branches of Elle and Marie Claire as fashion director; she later became editor-in-chief for Madame Figaro Korea. She then moved to CHANEL Korea and was in charge of communications. EJ is presently based in Hong Kong with her husband, and she has started a new venture to introduce Premium Korean fashion designers to the Hong Kong audience through a pop-up store (K-Style Lab) in Causeway Bay.

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