Fashion  Embrace your "je ne sais quoi": French style with Caroline Vosse
27/03/201800:00 Fren'CHIC Touch
The glorious Caroline Vosse of FrenchChicTouch has been writing about style and fashion for us over the last 2 years. At the launch of her new commercial project, My Parisiennes, an online boutique which sources the finest French designs and helping those (as its tagline suggests) "how to be Parisian in one click", we spoke to Caroline today. From her thoughts on fashion and style in the world down under, to her social media experience and future vision, here are some of the style guru's thoughts on all things chic.
Caroline's take on "how to be Parisian in one click" with My Parisiennes, her new project

You've talked about this before on your blog, but can you tell us - why Australia?
It was a time of my life when I needed to be challenged.I was frustrated about not speaking English well but at the same time I needed some changes. I met Aussies during my different travels, spoke with one at the time Instagram started. I did some research on the web and I decided to give a try. After all, we only live once. And after 5 years, I'm still here.

You stayed in Australia for love. Have you ever thought about going back to France? Did you see more professional opportunities in Australia, for example?
Wow, that is a tough question! I do love Australia for the lifestyle. The word "stress" doesn't mean to be a part of the Australian vocabulary, even if Aussies believe they are under a lot of stress. I guess it's a very rich experience to live in a different country. I do what I call my little "fusion cultural cuisine". I try to take the best ingredients of each culture to apply this in my life. IFor sure often I miss France and sometimes oui, I thought about going back to France but now I'm thinking more about spending my time between Australia and Europe. I definitely need my "French fix" and at the same time, I do believe that I have so much to accomplish in Australia, or in the wider Asia Pacific region. There are so many opportunities as an entrepreneur - you just have to go out there and seek them out.

Shopping in Australia is a lot of fun, says Caroline
From the capital of fashion to another capital of culture, what do you think are some of the two cities' similarities?
Melbourne is very European and it's the fashion capital in Australia. I found a lot of very interesting Australian designers. Nowadays, the development of European brands in Melbourne or Sydney is growing as well. Fashion is quite different in both cultures, but there is definitely this strong similarity, which is the love of fashion.

And the differences?
The first difference, I think, is that in France it's all about style and all about you. In Australia, it's more about following brands and fashion. I do love to highlight this point during my workshops. For example, I have to confess that French women are not at all into leggings. That is an item we prefer to reserve for the gym. In Australia, people don a more casual style during the day and dress up during the evenings. In contrast, in France it's pretty similar during the day or night. I love how Australian women wear their most beautiful dresses for a party; we miss this in France.

With her business partner, Karine, for their online boutique My Parisiennes

You've come quite the way from blogging about fashion to starting your own fashion business. Can you tell us - how long did this take you? What was your thought process? Did you envision your business to become so big?
I was always of an entrepreneurial mindset. I guess, at the beginning, it was not clear at all. I started with a blog to share my French culture and over time, per the advice of my close friends and the requests of Australians, I decided to develop my business. I started to create a vison board and brainstorm about FrenChicTouch as a brand, providing services to individuals and business like French up your style, French up your business and workshops. When I met my business partner for My Parisiennes, she helped me tremendously as well. She helped me highlight what I really wanted to do. I'm not going to say that I became big, as I believe I still have so much to do and to learn. The possibility of more is exactly what I love about business.

The "meeting place" where Caroline crosses paths with friends, clients and fellow fashion enthusiasts: Instagram

When you started blogging, was this your goal? Or did it somehow just happened (in a good way)?
The blog was not really the part of my plan. I was waiting for my visa and I couldn't work. I just couldn't sit around and do nothing, so I decided to share my both passions, which is writing and fashion. It was a natural point of interest for me. Later on, I started to interview some French celebrities and I loved it. I do believe that everything (or almost everything) happens in a good way. The blog is a wonderful experience, helping me improve my English and also interact with people. Today, one of my biggest frustrations and challenges is that I do not have enough time to write. Thankfully my collaborators are helping me on that front.
Can you tell us what a day is like for you as a fashion blogger/business owner?
Well I believe like a lot of people, I wake up at 6:30 or 7 in the morning. I stay in my bed and check the news and my social media. I have a very quick breakfast and go for a walk with my dog, calling my business partner to speak about the day. I make 2 lists, one for FrenChicTouch and one for My Parisiennes, about the things I have to do for the day. I might go take a 1-hour break to eat in front of my computer, watching French news or TV series, and then I go back to my work. I'm always looking for some ideas, learning with tutorials, reading articles to improve my communication, my writing, my speaking, social media, SEO or others.
The My Parisiennes team

Any Australian brands we should keep an eye out for?
There are many wonderful Australian designers and I have my eyes on the following ones:

Camilla and Marc: I love the contours of their pieces and the quality of the materials. These are timeless pieces in your closet.
Sass and bide: I love the colours and the originality
Zimmerman: for its boho-chic style
Toni Maticevski: for the haute couture, the way he enhances femininity with his dresses in particular
The very scenic Melbourne, Australia

Any Australian fashion events you think our readers should look out for?
Victoria is a great place to live because there is always a festival somewhere. Of course, I love So Frenchy So Chic, the film festivals, events, Melbourne food and wine festival, NGV Triennal. The list goes on!

Any advice for us to keep up that French touch outside of France?
Embrace your "je ne sais quoi"!

Special thanks to Caroline for the liberal use of images from her Instagram for this article. Follow her and My Parisiennes today!
I'm Caroline, French brunette who decided to expand my life after 10 years in the French event management industry. After a lots of travels on this amazing planet, I decided to settle in Melbourne, the fashion city of excellence in Australia. Passionate about fashion, beauty, and lover of my French culture, I wanted to start a blog, just for fun (oui oui), to share with you my thoughts, tips, secrets, and my favourite places that bring me back to France.

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