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This Mother’s day surprise your mother like you never did before! Show your mum that you really know her by organizing a trip in the cities that she really loves!
Today, it's the “Fete des Mères” in France. Mother’s Day in France is always celebrated on the last Sunday of May compared to other countries for which it happens earlier. It’s the day on which you want to treat your mum the best you can: bringing her to her favourite restaurant in town, offering her the best gift, the prettiest flowers…
Let’s do things slightly more spectacular this year! Bring your mum on a trip with you! We have selected 5 getaways for you to surprise your mother like you never did before! Within a few hours flight, you can easily reach France or Belgium from where you are! And these places are worth staying for a weekend or even for a couple of days. We hope you will have fun discovering these places with your Mum! 
Are you ready?
1) To relax and to have fun: the Basque Country

The Basque Country is located in South-West of France, and called “Le Pays Basque”. With Bayonne as the main city in the region, people from the Pays Basque are very loyal to their Basque identity. The Basque Country is famous for its fabulous landscapes offering both seaside and countryside. 
It will please your mother if: she likes lively cities as much as nature. Regional music and dances are also part of the tradition. The climate is very confortable, not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. 
What to do in the Basque Country: tourism activities such as visiting castles, churches, caves, museums… and sport & nature activities such as hiking, surfing, rafting, fishing…you can also learn how to play the Pelote Basque! Stop in Saint Jean De Luz, Guétary, Espelette, Biarritz, Bayonne, Anglet…
Gastronomy: indulge your mum with seafood dishes, excellent cheese, famous Espelette pepper and of course the Bayonne Ham, the Gâteau Basque... This is also a fantastic place if your mother enjoys drinking wine…


2) To escape and enjoy the beauty of the ocean: Brittany
Brittany is a region located in North West of France. Its culture and tradition is unique and constitutes the rich Breton heritage. Brittany is well known for its strong maritime activities and yet the rural heritage shows great importance. There are breath-taking landscapes with huge rocks, beautiful beaches, turquoise sea and numerous natural and protected sites. 
It will please your mother if: she likes romantic places and she likes the sea. With constantly changing landscapes due to the daylight, the sunsets and sunrises are naturally incredible. The climate is very confortable there, not as hot as in South of France though. The geography is very different from sandy dunes to high cliffs. 
What to do in Brittany: all nautical activities are possible (sailing, diving, kayaking, windsurfing…), fishing, horse riding. Initiation to local artistic activities and traditional dances. Many trips to closest islands; visits to castles and historical sites, walks in forests, thalassotherapy. Stop in the picturesque towns of Perros Guirec, Belle-île-en-Mer, Cancale, Carnac, Roscoff, Saint-Malo…
Gastronomy: treat your mum with a huge plate of fresh seafood including crab, lobster, shrimps, oysters, sardines, sea snails… Crepes of course; the Breton Far; the Kouign Amann; and a bowl of Apple Cider! 


3) To savour the sunshine and go shopping: the Provence
Located in the South of France and part of the Provence-Alpes-Cotes-D’Azur-Corse, the Var consists in sumptuous landscapes: vast forests, rivers, lakes, canyons (Gorges du Verdon) and high mountains and massifs, but not only. The coast is also fabulous with 432 km of shoreline on the Mediterranean Sea with fine sand and wild beaches. 
It will please your mother if: she like sun, Mediterranean cities and… flowers! This land produces the most flowers of France! Don’t forget to bring your mum for some shopping in some of the main towns and cities of the French Riviera: Antibes, Cannes, Monaco, Saint-Tropez… 
What to do in Provence? Visit the local markets and all the natural sites. There is a lot of ski available during winter, and nautical sports during summer: kayaking, paddling, kite surfing, rafting… Hiking and horse riding 
Gastronomy: Honey (Miel de Provence), tapenade (Olive spread), Olive oil, figs, wines, truffle, Tropezian tart. The Provencial Mediterranean cuisine is one of the best in France…

4) For the nature-lovers: the Doubs

Located in the Eastern part of France at the border with Switzerland, the Doubs is an invitation to nature. There is absolutely nature for everyone and every taste there: from rivers & waterfalls to Alpine forests and sumptuous lakes. It goes without saying that such incredible nature can only bring the best food ingredients… yummy!
It will please your mother if: she likes green and peaceful environments. By walking in the nature you will be able to see a wild animal life. It is an excellent destination to invigorate yourself! 
What to do in the Jura: Hiking and trekking in the mountains and ski during winter. Walking along the lakes (Chalain, Vouglans), reaching and admiring the waterfalls. Visiting Vauban’s masterpieces (the Citadelle) and castles while spending the night in country houses (grange). Go on a tour to try the local wines. Stop in: Arc-et-Senans, Ornans, Métabief, Besançon… 
Gastronomy: Cheese! Especially the Comté cheese, but also the Cancoillotte, Morbier, Mont D’Or...  Try the Morteau Sausage, Galette comtoise, Wines (Vin jaune), honey, chocolate…


5) For a hedonistic holiday: Belgium
Belgium and France share a 620 km long border. Travel by train from France to visit this charming country famous for its incredible choice of beers, succulent chocolate and fantastic comics. The authentic cities of Bruges and Gand with majestic renaissance architectures contrast with the more modern ones like Brussels or Anvers. The climate is mild without extreme temperatures. Belgium is also the country of birth of many artists.
It will please your mother if: she enjoys meeting new people and if she has a sweet tooth, just like the Belgium! You can indulge her with the best chocolate in the world! Belgium people are very well known for their kindness.
What to do in Belgium: ski in winter and kayaking in summer. Hikes and cycling are also great activities, and so is golf. Visiting the towns and cities, walk along the coast. Stop in Bruges, anvers, Brussels, Liège, Dinant, Namur… 
Gastronomy: waffles, chocolates of all sorts, speculoos biscuits, fries (Belgium, not French), mussels, beers… 


Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers in France and all over the world!
So which destination are you thinking of to best please your mother? Share with us your thoughts, and share with your friends! Thanks for reading! 
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