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Sitting down in a yacht, enjoying the sunset and hearing the water lapping against the hull… Welcome onboard French Prestige yachts...
Yachts are getting more popular in Asia Pacific and lifestyle trends have 
recently been changing. At the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show (16th edition), we got the chance to meet Paul Blanc, who is at the head of the French brand JEANNEAU for the Asia Pacific market, part of the BENETEAU Group. We wanted to ask him a few questions about the Group and the boats.


JEANNEAU is part of the renowned French Group BENETEAU, along with PRESTIGE, LAGOON, CNB (Construction navale de Bordeaux), PRESTIGE YACHTS and MONTE CARLO YACHTS brands. JEANNEAU is one of the main European actors in the construction of boats and offers 3 ranges of yachts: sailboats, powerboats and Prestige yachts. The Group employs 7000 people. 
Paul Blanc has been working for 6 years at JEANNEAU. He is the Managing Director in Asia Pacific. We thank him for his time and for answering our questions aboard the luxurious Prestige 680


What kinds of boats does JEANNEAU offer?
The wide range of boats constructed by JEANNEAU makes a real strength among the Group. Out of the 4000 boats produced every year, the company builds 60 different models among which: motorboats sized from 15 ft. - 46 ft.; sailing boats sized 35 ft. - 64 ft. and the Prestige motor yachts sized 42 ft. – 75 ft. (the biggest). 



Who are JEANNEAU customers in Asia and Pacific? 

JEANNEAU reaches a large range of customer profiles, from the total beginners in sailing to passionate who will use it for leisure such as fishing; from the middle class families (for cruising) to some very exclusive high-class customers (for corporate use). 
More precisely in Asia, people are looking for a corporate consumption more than anything else. They don't make use of the cabins that much and generally don’t stay overnight. On the other side, they will value the larger space in order to host and entertain their guests. 



Apart from Hong Kong, where are JEANNEAU customers in Asia and Pacific?

Australia is number one! Australian people enjoy both motor and sailing boats and yet European sailing boats are more popular than local ones. 
China will come second (mostly in Hainan). JEANNEAU was one of the first brands to provide Chinese customers. There are fewer buyers in this country but these are mostly looking for bigger vessels. Saying this, Paul Blanc adds that trends have recently been changing and Chinese customers are having more free time for leisure activities such as sailing. 
Then comes New Zealand with a similar trend to Australia; followed by Singapore & Thailand; Japan; Korea; Vietnam; Indonesia and the Philippines. Actually, the popularity also depends on the local infrastructures. 


Why are French boats popular in this region?
The fact that most of JEANNEAU boats have been built in France (near Nantes), designed by an Italian company with top-quality equipment undoubtedly conveys a positive image that attracts customers in the region. Since JEANNEAU has been a pioneer in the industry, the brand is able to offer high-quality boats at an affordable price compared to other competitors.
Even though PRESTIGE boats have not been especially shaped to fit in the Asian market they perfectly match local needs since they are the most spacious boats, perfect for entertainment and Karaoke! 


How are the boats delivered from France to other countries? 

It takes between 4 months and 1 year to construct the boats. The clients can also customize the boat to their preference (color, material…). Yachts won't be sailed from France to Asia for they should be delivered “brand new”.  Instead, yachts are transported by roro or container ship vessels after having been carefully wrapped up. 

To give you an idea, JEANNEAU boats price range varies from 15K up to 3.5 million Euros.
So have you planned your next sea trip? 

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