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La Vache!

Price: $$$

Cravingness: ★★★★☆

Stage back a year ago to my gastronomy trip in Paris, I missed dinning at Le Relais de l'Entrecôte, a famous steak frites in Paris as my stomach got real upset after all the delicious food that I had. When I first heard about La Vache, the steak frites in soho, I got really excited. We failed a few times making a phone reservation, so we decided to just walk in tonight. And to our surprise, they have a (bar) table for us!

The road to La Vache was NOT easy especially if you are on heels. I chose the wrong path by walking down from Staunton Street. BIG MISTAKES, ladies, just walk up from Hollywood Road, it will make your life much easier.

La Vache is a modern steakhouse that brings fun to the classic. The squared dining room is lined up with burgundy sofas and red and white bold checker table clothes at the side. The wallpapers are numerous lovely paintings on Paris infrastructure. The vibe is lively with laughters and chatters all around the dining room.

In the middle of the dining room is an open bar with bar tables, of where I sat tonight. I was first assigned to sit in the middle of the bar table sandwiched by two groups of diners. I requested a corner seating and were given straight away. The staffs were very helpful and attentive here.

The paper table map at the bar table was utmost cute with fine lined illustrations. 

It is not necessarily to check the menu at La Vache, they only serve steak frites with a salad as starters. The only thing customised to you is how well you want your steak to be cooked. If you really need to check the menu, it is written on the table map. The two courses dinner menu costs HKD 258+10%.

They have got some super cute matches complimentary for all diners.

The complimentary bread is alright, served enough to fill our hungry stomach before our salad arrived.

I started with a glass of Tarte Tatin - HKD88, it was a weak and fruity cocktail which tasted like apple pie with a fragrant cinnamon note. It should be a good dessert cocktail. Henry had the Dolin Blanc - HKD58. We got disappointed as it tasted nothing but iced water...=( Seems like the cocktails are rather weak in here.

Our salad came soon after we placed our order. The salad was fresh and crisp with loads of walnuts and young red onions on top. It was heftily seasoned with Vinaigrette though, a little less dressing would be much nicer.

Before our steaks arrive, the server set a wire rack with candle holders in front of us. The heat is mild enough to keep the steak warm I suppose.

Tah dah! Our steaks finally arrived! I found it funny that they placed two portions of steak on the same plate. I don't really get why. The candle feels too mild for 2 steaks.

The server next sliced part of the steaks onto our individual plates filled with frites.

Our steak was cooked in perfection with beautiful pink center. The steak was delicious! It was utterly tender, meaty and juicy. The fats was creamy and melted instantly in your mouth. I would love more charring on the steak though.

The bearnaise sauce was rich and herby. It complemented the steak well, but the steak is flavourful enough to eat by itself.

We asked for some mayonnaise sauce for the chips and it turned out to be the best sauce tonight! It was utterly silky and creamy! I even dipped my steak in this.

I was very full half way through the steak, but suddenly a cart pushed out of the kitchen and my eyes's a dessert cart! How evil is La Vache!  The dessert cart has 3 levels, each loaded with colourful pastries. The server told me they sold out everything everyday! I could see why. If you don't see the desserts, you might not want it. Once you saw them, you can say no!

The very dessert that captured my eyes was this snow white Coconut Cream Cake. - HKD88. The light sponge cake was madly covered in delightful cream in coconut flavour. I love this cake a lot but if you are scared of having cream because of the calories, I don't think you will enjoy this too much.

The Strawberry Tart  - HKD 98 was lovely with buttery rim, creamy custard and fresh strawberries.

The steak frites at La Vache is delicious and is definitely a great deal given the price. I overhead the bartender saying it is quite difficult to book a table for two since the setup tends to cater larger groups of diners. I did see a couple dining the night I went, so all you need to do is book much in advance, or walk in like me! :)

Food - ★★★★☆
Service - ★★★★☆
Ambience - ★★★★☆
Overall - ★★★★☆
La Vache!
Address (E) G/F, 48 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong
Address (C) 香港中環卑利街48號地下
☏ 2880 0248
Opening Hours: Mon - Sat: 12pm - 2.30pm, 6pm - 12am; Sun: 6pm - 12am
Reservation Available? Yes1
Walk In Possible? Yes - Go early!!

Date of Dining: 30 April 2014
Bill in Total (Dinner inc beverages) - HKD933
Bill Per Person (Dinner inc. beverages) - HKD467
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