Gastronomy  What is VizEat, the meal-sharing website?

What is VizEat, the meal-sharing website? 
VizEat is the meal-sharing website. This new online community connects travellers with hosts who welcome them at their homes for an authentic meal.


From Paris to Rome, Bangkok to Marrakech, VizEat is the platform for hosts to share a unique moment around a meal at their home and for guests to discover a new culture and an exciting new cuisine.


Search and book your VizEat experience on our website, choosing from a huge selection of meals at our hosts' homes around the world - from brunch to dinner, aperitif to wine & cheese tasting!


How it works? 

Using VizEat is very easy and straightforward!
You can share these authentic moments on VizEat both...

As a host:
Sign up and post your first meal in just a few clicks.
Receive booking requests and select your guests.
Have guests from around the world at your dinner table and share a unique moment with them.

As a guest:
Browse our meals and select your perfect match!
Book your meal in less than 2 minutes and chat with your host.
Enjoy a delicious meal with your host and discover a new culture from the inside.

What our hosts have to say… 

Marie Claude, Paris 
“It was so wonderful to welcome guests and show them classic French cooking. I always show the kind of hospitality I hope to receive from others when I am aboard. To be a host for VizEat, it’s almost like the world comes to you - what an enriching experience!”

Emily, Paris
“I love trying new things, to surprise my guests, and most of all to enjoy these fun moments together! Discovering new cultures is one of my favorite things, as well as meeting new people and expanding my horizon! VizEat lets me do all this at once!”

Benny and Bula, Rome
“We're two sisters who study and live in Rome. Benny (that’s me) is an architect, Bula is a Medical student, but our passion for cooking has led us to create our blog. Come and discover our recipes in real life!”


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