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23/05/201604:16 TV5MONDE

The Ocean & Martell Present the permanent residence of Martell “Secrets of a Trunk”
and celebrate with an Exclusive Menu

Hong Kong – May 2016 – Collectors and connoisseurs are invited to celebrate Martell’s “Secrets of a Trunk” by Pinel & Pinel as it is permanently landing to Hong Kong as one of the art piece of The Ocean restaurant.

Defining the Art of Cognac Appreciation, the unique collaboration between The Ocean and Martell has resulted in the only co-branded trunk in the world, and will be exceptionally showcased with a special month-long menu, and hand-crafted cocktails.
The Martell’s “Secrets of a Trunk” is nothing short of a fine work of art; the masterpiece is the result of over 1,000 man-hours from 10 skilled French artisans, who painstakingly applied each detail, from the full grain leather exterior, to the copper, silver plate, oak, crystal and linen accents of the trunk, by hand. Together with luxury trunk maker Pinel & Pinel, Martell has created a flawless showcase for its range of 28 montres, containing four exclusive blends known as “Les Assemblages Exclusifs”. Inside the trunk is everything a cognac connoisseur needs to live a life of lavish luxury, from fine glassware and a silver-plated ice bucket, to cigar cutter, ashtray and lighter. A small blue leather-bound booklet – The Cellar Master’s notebook – contains all of Benoît Fil’s handwritten tasting notes, with blank pages for trunk owners to record their own experience of these fine cognacs.

The Ocean’s cuisine and design are inspired by the beautiful sea view. Taking a minimalist approach to seafood, the menu has been designed by Executive Chef Agustin Balbi, named one of the ten Best Young Chefs of 2015 at the San Pellegrino Selection in Japan, and winner of the Tatler ‘Chef of the Year for 2016’ in Hong Kong. His style embraces freshness and the quality of ingredients, while infusing dishes with a splash of contemporary creativity.

For this unique menu, Chef Balbi has chosen to create dishes that complement the flavours Martell cognac. The pairing menu compliments the various eaux de vie from Martell, a unique experience not available anywhere else. Chef Agustin’s uses various techniques including charcoal grilling and smoking as a way to highlight the flavours of both the seasonal ingredients and the cognac.

Three Martell cognacs will be paired with the menu, which includes a smoked scallop starter, a white asparagus brulee, lobster, morel mushroom,
salicornia first course, and main course of Arctic char.

A chocolate forest served with hazelnut, raspberry sorbet and balsamic vinegar paired with a Martell XO as a final touch. This exclusive menu is only available for one month, upon request, with at least 24 hours prior notice.

Along with the tasting menu, head bartender Alex Ko has created a new cocktail called ‘Message in Bottle’, celebrating the aromatic flavour profile of the Martell Noblige. Combining blood orange, sweet vermouth, honey syrup, lemon and angostura, the aperitif’s savoury fruit notes are accentuated while, at the same time, maintaining a sense of harmony with the darker components.
Indulge your taste buds with this limited-time menu and cognac pairing at The Ocean.
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