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28/08/201604:15 Luxeat
4 kinds of fish

The legend of “Tetou” or Ernest Cirio began when during the First World War he enlisted in the Navy and got wounded. There he became a private cook of the admiral and had an opportunity to open a restaurant in New York, but homesickness was stronger than the prospect of the new life across the Atlantic ocean and soon, after 5 years of touring the world, he decided to return back home. In 1918, just after the First World War, Ernest Cirio built a shed on a beach of Golf Juan. He would cook the bouillabaisse from his daily catch on an old charcoal stove. He said he used Polish coal, perfect for reaching high heat very quickly.
Soon the restaurant would be frequented by affluent clientele such as Baron de Rothschild, who became good friends with the “king of the bouillabaisse” Ernest Cirio. Despite the rustic environment and simple cooking ,the tradition of the rich and famous visiting Tetou has been continuing ever since. This especially can be seen during the Cannes film festival, where paparazzi are fighting for their chance to take a photo of some Hollywood celebrity dining at Tetou. Personally I think the festival in May is the worst time to visit Tetou. Book it any other time, go early to watch the sunset and enjoy the convivial atmosphere of the place. Probably just like 100 years ago.
8 Avenue des Frères Roustan, 06220 Golfe,


Like 100 years ago, Tetou is located right on the beach

The chefs have kindly showed me around their little kitchen

The catch of the day- my favourite is rascasse (Scorpion fish)


The secret is in the soup!

The fish is boiled directly in the soup


Perfect rouille

The soup is served with rouille sauce, potatoes and croûtons

The fish is skillfully filleted in front of you

Giant tart with berries
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