Gastronomy  La Semaine du Goût® 2017
10/10/201700:00 TV5MONDE

Since 1989, La Semaine du Goût® has been (re)defining the art of French gastronomy and celebrating the country’s culinary heritage with domestic and international guests. This year, the event takes place between the 9th to the 15th of October.

The event aims to educate and transfer knowledge and experience about “taste” - or, in broader terms, France’s gastronomic heritage, practices, culture and so much more - to the public and in particular to its younger generation. Before it was christened the “Week of Taste”, it was also known as the Journée du Goût, or simply took form in many a wondrous cooking lessons, events in schools of cuisines, local markets, restaurants and many more. If you are in France this week, be sure to check out its official programme guide. With 343 events to choose from, don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the best of what French gastronomy has to offer!

To find an event near you and for all other information on La Semaine du Goût®, please visit their
official website.

343 events all over France to attend during the week! © La Semaine du Goût®

You certainly won’t miss out if you are not in France, either, as our TV network broadcasts a number of lifestyle and special programmes focusing on the history, culture and evolution of French cuisine.

Enjoy and as always, bon appétit!

: a show which tells you the story and "behind the scenes" on everything that has to do with dining and the food industry.


Une école de cuisine pour rebondir: Stéphanie, Rachid, Yolaine and Boubaker are among the 35 students chosen to join the free training centre run by star-rated chef Thierry Marx. They are to undergo an intense 3-month training.

Al dente: a digest of culinary delights and gourmet culture. The show aims to make cooking more accessible, so get your utensils ready and learn how to make the dishes off of the show's menu!

Épicerie fine – Terroirs Gourmands: another crowd favourite, chef Guy Martin visits a region in France in each episode. The Michelin-starred chef would source local products and turn them into a dish representative of the very best of French cuisine.
Péché Gourmand: let Anne Alassane, winner of Master Chef 2010, shows you how to make magic in the kitchen!


Les escapades de Petitrenaud: curated by renowned French food critic Jean-Luc Petitrenaud, meet the best French chefs, tour agricultural regions and discover local specialities!

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