Gastronomy  La Semaine du Goût 2018
10/10/201800:00 TV5MONDE

Gastronomy has always been important in French culture. Since 1990, La Semaine du Goût ® (the Week of Taste), normally takes place in October to celebrate French gastronomic heritage with domestic and international guests. This year, the event is held between the 8 to 14 of October.
This event aims at transferring knowledge and experience about French gastronomy to the general public, especially the younger generation. Through school programs, tasting menus, workshops and cooking demonstration by renowned chefs, it favours not only the communication between the professionals and the public, it also helps to preserve the French culinary legacies. If you are in France this week, be sure to check out the official programme guide and seize this opportunity to explore the diversity of French cuisine!

For more information about the event, please visit their official website.
Don’t worry if you’re not in France. There are numerous lifestyle and special programmes about the history and culture of French cuisine on our network.

Al dente : This programme shows the culinary delights and gourmet culture. The show aims to make cooking more accessible, so get your cooking utensils ready and learn how to make the dishes off of the show's menu!


Épicerie fine – Terroirs Gourmands : Chef Guy Martin visits a region in France in each episode. Then, he would source local ingredients and turn them into a dish that represents the very best of French cuisine.


Les maîtres du vin : Wine is part of the cultural and natural heritage in France. This programme allows the audience to discover some of the most prestigious wineries and their winemaking techniques.


Les maîtres de la truffe : Truffle, also known as ‘black diamond’, is indispensable in the modern luxury cuisine world.  The show enables us to meet some of the passionate specialists and reveal the secrets behind this precious gem.

Bon appétit !

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