Fashion  Paris Fashion Week 2019: What’s On at TV5MONDE
25/09/201900:00 TV5MONDE

It’s that time of year where the hip and fashionable make their mark and descend upon Parisian soil. Earlier in the month, the annual Fashion Week took place in style meccas like New York, London and Milan. Celebrities, designers, supermodels, fans and fashion lovers gather for a week on the latest and upcoming fashion trends, 2020 collections, photo ops and much, much more.
In celebration of this notable event of style and elegance, TV5MONDE Asia Pacific has in store various programs for our viewers, during and after Paris Fashion Week. See below for more details.

Les guerres de Coco Chanel
An iron will, a perpetual need to take revenge on society, an unquenchable thirst for freedom and independence, Gabrielle Chanel, the world's most famous fashion designer, embodiment of Parisian chic, was also a pitiless and determined warrior. To build her empire, she used every possible means, including the most shameful...


Lubin, un parfumeur d’excellence
In 2004, Gilles Thévenin took over the perfumery Lubin, a company with a strong reputation but that had virtually disappeared in recent decades. Despite the difficulties, notably financial, he decided to relaunch the brand with a return to the fundamentals that had made its name: quality, originality, subtlety, artisanal manufacture...

This show focuses on all that is trendy, hip and fashionable in France. Passionate about French chic, ambassadress Katherina Marx surrounds herself with major figures from the worlds of fashion, design, gastronomy, and fine living. Each episode features an iconic guest and a series of special reports, allowing viewers to discover or rediscover France, its young designers, and its chic and trendy hang-outs.


Tendance XXI
This documentary series offers an exclusive episode on fashion week in Paris. On the same tangent, the show will also take a look at all things elegant and in vogue on French soil.


Tune in and enjoy!
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