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09/03/201610:37 TV5MONDE

The new French Series that transports you back in 1975 - La vie devant elles
Starting now, La Vie Devant Elles features 6 episodes of 52 minutes. It was directed by Gabriel Aghion, Dan Franck and Stéphane Osmont in 2015. The series is still in production. 

What is it about?

The scene takes place in the 1970’s in Chambries, North of France, a city where miners have been struggling. Three teenager girls called Solana, Caroline and Alma, are all miners’ daughters. The first two dream of going to Paris for Haute Couture and fashion, far from the so familiar cottage. The third one, Alma, is going through difficult times as her mother just left home for her very first love, leaving Alma alone with her father. 
Girls are about to take the Baccalaureate exam, while miners are worrying about some tunnels closure, which simply sounds to them like the first signs of the mine’s shut down.
Chimes suddenly disturb the tensed and silent environment. Three men have been buried in the accident… together with a secret, their secret. Everyone in the mine is now wondering why these three men were in this discarded tunnel instead of being in their allocated position? 
The three girls will have to fight in order to save their father’s honor. These men weren’t friends and didn’t even know each other. The mine on its own is found guilty as it did not complied with the safety requirements. But how are these three girls going to prove it? 
A trial then appears more than necessary. However, the path to the final judgment will be long and difficult, and eventually will reveal some secrets that were kept away in vain from the daughters… 
You can check the schedule here 
They will be several broadcasts for Episode 1 Season 1 so make sure you don’t miss it: March 8th; 14th; 20th.

This Series received 1 Prize and two nominations among which the best French Series. 

What do you think? Have you watched this already? We want to know, please share your comments! 

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