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Have you ever heard of Dofus?
Have you ever heard of MMORPG?
Before you read on, know that the widely anticipated movie Dofus, livre 1: Julith is going to be on air this Saturday morning, February 4, 2017!

For fans and beginners to the gaming world alike, Dofus is a flash-based MMORPG developed and published by France’s Ankama Games. It is one of the world’s first flash-based MMORPG (massively multi-player online role-playing game).

MMORPGs are, in essence, a world of gaming in which a very large number of players interact with one another while taking up a specific role, character, profession etc. Player assumes control over many of the character’s actions and decisions. Because of these personalised actions, the storyline become unique and personal in many ways. Typically in a MMORPG, players continue to exist and evolve, advancing in levels even when the player is physically offline.
Known of the world’s most popular and longest standing MMORPG, the game was released solely in the French language back in 2004. Due to its refined graphics, complex storyline and endless possibilities to individualised storytelling, the game has now been translated into multiple languages and is extremely popular in Western Europe and Japan. Operating primarily on a “pay to play” concept, where players purchase a monthly (or longer) subscription to play the game, Dofus has attracted over 25 million players worldwide, with about 1.5 million subscribers playing on the game every month.
Due to its popularity, a lot of spin-off products have been created from this game. From movies, TV series, figures to comic books, Dofus has pretty much come up with every item possible to satisfy its ever growing large fan base. 
Here’s a couple things you might want to know about this virtual creation:
1. It involves dragons.

Unknown fanart
Dofus starts with the story of the young hero Rykke Errel and an evil dragon named Bolgrot, who wreaked havoc in the world of Amakna. Rykke Errel slained him but died shortly after. It was discovered that the dragon was driven mad because of six unusually coloured eggs called Dofu (plural: Dofus)  which, when reunited, the power was absolute and unstoppable (think the ring in Lord of the Rings). To avoid a similar tragedy, wise men hid the eggs away from the rest of the world. 
2. There are good people, and then there are bad people - villains, in fact.
In the actual game of Dofus, news about the loss of the Dofus (re: the eggs) spread far and wide. All kinds of people, creatures and beings gather in the world of Amakna, seeking a better of fortune, some at the expense of others. 

The characters in the world of Dofus are very complex. From magicians, warriors, doctors to rogue thieves, players go on quests, gain new skills, join guilds and more.
3. People become friends or enemies, or they fall in love.
Now let’s get back to the movie, Dofus, livre 1: Julith. The story focuses on the childhood of Joris Jurgen, one of the key characters in the entire Dofus series. Set in the city of Bonta in the year 400, Joris is 10 years old and lives with his adoptive father Kerubim. 
Joris. ©
Joris and Kerubim
Joris’ biggest dream was to meet his hero, a megastar called Khan. Meeting Khan however changed his life, as he somehow came across the path of Julith, a powerful witch who wants to destroy his city - and him.

In this struggle against good and evil, people become friends, enemies, or fall in love…
To save the city from complete destruction, Joris joins forces with his friends and team up against Julith. A surprise awaits, however...

Intrigued? Want to watch it and know what the hype is all about? Join us this Saturday and tune in! Whether or not you are a gamer or simply wanting to know more about the world of gaming, Dofus, livre 1: Julith won't disappoint!

Click here for show times in your time zone and enjoy the show! 
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