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Brigitte – New album

The Brigitte, Parisian singers, released their second album last November 17th, 2014 we wanted to share with you: A bouche que veux-tu.

The neo-hippie duet recorded their first album, Et vous, tu m’aimes, late 2010, which was acclaimed by a large audience. Aurélie Saada et Sylvie Hoarau, who wrote and composed all the songs signed a first album with many different influences: a mix of psychedelic, orientales and hip-hop ambiances. The female duet became popular mostly on stage, with more than 250 performances in France and abroad : Asian, Middle-East, European tours …

In 2012, the Brigitte also composed and sang for Lancôme advert, Rouge in Love.
The second album  A bouche que veux tu makes us rediscover their uniqueness : soft voices, discrete elegance. Their songs still express love, mingled with black humor and a representative arrogance. But they also knew to innovate, offering an album approaching disco tones, with glitters, and light effects.
The central song, A bouche que veux tu, which gave its name to the album, enhances the harmony between their two soft and complementary voices above the guitar, and some piano keys. Bold and styled, they continue to impress and inspire us.

The band also created its own label B Records this year.

Listen to A bouche que veux tu !

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