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French is Good resolutions for 2015


What about taking perfect resolutions for this new year? Let’s discover those of French is Good…

Ladies, this year, let’s reveal the french in you by following our great resolutions for this new year…
#LiveYourDream – Give you the power to accomplish your dream, stop waiting for it…

#LovePassionately – The happiest people are the one who don’t hesitate to put all their love in every little things of the life.

#BuyThisLittleBag – You know, the one that you want for so long …

#DrinkMoreChampagne – Champagne is delicious. Do you need an other reason?

#TakeTimeForYourself – Take time to take care of your body by trying new massages, new sports, new body cream… Keep also an healthy mind by trying to meditate everyday or why not starting to write a personal diaries about your life?

#Do(more)Shopping- Shopping has never killed anybody, isn’t it?

#VisitParis – The Eiffel Tower, the Sacrée Coeur, the Champs-Elysées … Why aren’t you there already?

#Vibrate – Enjoy simple pleasure and every moment, leave your worries aside and live!

#BeJust … French is Good

Gentlemen, this year, let’s reveal your French is Good attitude and follow our great resolutions for this new year …
#GoOutOfTheDailyRoutine – Break the code and let the unpredictable surprise you

#(Re)PractiseSport – it’s time to take care of yourself, to have a healthy mind in a healthy body. Why not start playing golf, tennis or going to the fitness center?

#TakeTimeForYourself – Enjoy a peaceful life by taking time for you, trying new massages, starting a new book or looking this new TV show.

#BuyThatBottleOfWine – Why not buying these bottle of french wine (Bordeaux, Loire…)  that you wanted for so long?

#EatMoreFrenchCheese – French cheese are delicious, everyone know that …

#Don’tForgetToInviteHerToTheRestaurantForValentine’sDay – or it will be the worst day of this year…

#Travel – Don’t you fell the call of travelling for these new year? This desire to discover new horizons?

#SeeThePeopleYouLove – this year try to spend time with your friends and people you love

#BeClassInAllCircumstances – Being always perfect, we never known who you can cross at the corner of a street….

#BeJust … French is Good
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