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07/11/201415:54 French is Good


After the huge success of Get Lucky, the worldwide hit, the French Daft Punk and the American Pharrell Williams chose to wait for some time before collaborating again.

Since the standards had been set very high, the three artists decided to take their time before a new collaboration. So it’s two years after the release of their mutual hit Get Lucky, that they decided to release this new one.

Gust of Wind is a tittle from the solo album of Pharrell GIRL. Pharrell Williams worked with one of the great names in clip direction, Edgar Wright, for this project.  Wright directed movies such as Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim or the World’s End. The clip is thus very colourful and sophisticated.

Compared to the 26-second teaser of the clip, here we have a 5 minutes visual object. Pharrell Williams is singing, walking through a forest, surrounded by red and yellow dressed girls. The Happy performer then comes face to face with 2 huge stones, shaped as helmets, the symbol of the Daft Punk. At the end of the clip, the helmets become UFO, and fly in the sky.

The video clip clearly reminds of a British TV series, called UFO, sky alert. The fiction object, created in 1969, and broadcasted in 1972 in France, was dealing with a secrete military organisation, fighting alien. The UFOs of the British series are similar to the Daft Punk flying helmets.



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