In each episode of “Épicerie fine”, Guy Martin presents a new French region and promotes one of its most prized local products. The Michelin-starred chef meets the people who produce, rear, grow, fish and prepare the very best that French cuisine has to offer, and shares some invaluable tips.
Presented by: Guy Martin.
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Thu 23/0508:59
Episode 28/35
Coconut and turmeric in the Réunion The Plaine des Grègues, where Guibert Hoareau grows and processes turmeric. Ground to a powder, it is an essential ingredient in Réunion Island cuisine, notably the "cari". In the Maison du Coco, Didier Solesse gives new life to the coconut; rich in potassium this nourishing fruit also quenches thirst. Presented by: Guy Martin.
Sat 25/0511:32, Wed 29/0508:31, Thu 30/0509:00
Episode 29/35
Côtes-du-Rhône and the Costières pomegranate The Rhône valley, in southeast France, shelters some 42,000 hectares of vines. At the Château de Bosc, in Domazan, the winegrower Guy Reynaud grows a range of different grape varieties to produce his Côtes-du-Rhône. In the same town, Jean-Claude Peretto produces pomegranates, a fruit with a sweet yet acidic flavour. Presented by: Guy Martin.
Sat 01/0611:32, Wed 05/0608:32, Thu 06/0609:02
Episode 30/35
Taliouine saffron and Essaouira olive oil in Morocco The saffron harvest is at its peak in the little Moroccan village of Taliouine. Everyone collects the saffron flowers, removing the stigmas to produce the most expensive spice in the world. In Essaouira, Abderrahim is harvesting his olives, before using them to make a prize-winning oil rich in character. Presented by: Guy Martin.



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